The Old Wooden Pencil Sharpener

Jessica Taylor

Lurking in the corner
inside the desk
I hide
metal teeth grating
Glorious Criminal
I spy the victim
my unknowing assistant
brings it to my side
grab hold
in my sharp deadly mouth
I laugh
the remnants head down south
and howl
I digest some more
Perfect Murderer
Devil from Hell
no blood
just shavings
spiky peels of skin
cluster around me
I bask in my sin
when the body is cleared
and the peels removed
I’m left hungry
waiting for more
but not once have I feared
whisper sweet nothings in the dark
bide my time
the anticipation thrills me
I start to laugh
my meals are always divine
my silhouette is dark
darker than my soul
and when it comes to my life
I only have one goal
Proud Killer
Ruthless Tyrant
I cherish the names I wear
as labels
I may be mad
I may be evil
but I never doubt that I will starve
I have a running total
I crouch down low in my lair
my next meal will come soon
if I’m lucky I might even eat again
today mid afternoon
but for now I think I can cope without
I will sulk in silence some more
and I will add one to the mental count
of bodies I’ve crushed with my jaw.