Lauren Lisk and Simran Misir


(Chords: A, B, C#, E)
I could never meet your expectations
Always out of reach
Never gave me an explanation
I could never be free

Clip my wings so I can’t fly
Tear my down every time I try

I know I could never be in her place
When I needed you you just wanted space

But you could have built me higher
You could have made a fighter out of me

But I fall and hit the ground again
I can’t stand tall I’m left not believing
no stars in the sky
I won’t even try
Cos I know I’m not good enough
Now you got the better of me
Cos I’m left all alone in this darkness
When all that I do is make a mess of things
But I’m trying trying trying hard to spread my wings

I could never get further
Away from your touch
Then I stopped reminding myself
I was enough

Scarred me deeper as I grew
Took away what I once knew

I know I could never be alone
Now you’ve gone and left me all on my own

You know you built me higher
And took all of the fighter out of me


But I’m trying hard to not rely on those eyes
To be myself even if it means I’m hurting inside
Cos I thought that I had lost myself in you
Am I better now play this game/
I can’t do this anymore
This waiting for you to call
I can’t come and pretend I’m okay
I can’t give my heart away
To you for you to break
I can’t play this game


But I’m trying, (trying, trying)
To spread my wings (to spread my wings)
To spread my wings (to spread my wings)