Time Lines by Paul Antonio

2 September – 12 October 2019

Poetry from the 7th century to the present day, interpreted through the art of calligraphy by Paul Antonio

The exhibition is in two parts: Part 1, from 2 September to 12 October, includes famous, fresh and surprising lines or extracts from poems of the past 1500 years, presented in calligraphy appropriate to their historical context.

Part 2, from 21 September to 12 October, presents texts by contemporary poets whose work has featured in Poetry Society projects – commissions, competitions and events.

About Paul Antonio
Paul Antonio, born in Trinidad in 1984, was fascinated by letters, even as a child. He trained as a Scribe and Heraldic Artist and went on to study Archaeological Illustration with a specialism in Ancient Writing Systems. Now, from a studio in Brixton, south London, he works for private and business clients including The Crown office, the Royal Geographical Society, Bulgari and Dior.

Paul tours the world teaching and lecturing. His illustrative works on Egyptian hieroglyphs are housed in the Metropolitan Museum, New York. Paul has featured in the Guardian, Telegraph and BBC Radio 4’s Front Row. He is the author of Copperplate Script: A Yin & Yang Approach Manual (2018). Paul’s passion for the historical is integral to his work and the approach he takes to the contemporary.

www.paulantonioscribe.com #pascribe @pascribe Also Paul Antonio Scribe on Facebook & YouTube

Buying works in the exhibition
All works are for sale, with Paul Antonio kindly donating the proceeds to The Poetry Society’s fundraising campaign. To make a purchase, please contact Paul Adlam on 020 7420 9885 or email [email protected]