Dylan & Caitlin’s World

Dylan and Caitlin 1 rgb WEB
Dylan and Caitlin, Blashford, 1937, by Nora Summers. © Gabriel and Leonie Summers.

The Photographs of Nora Summers
1st Dec 2014 – 31st Jan 2015

In the spring of 1936, Dylan Thomas was introduced to Caitlin Macnamara in a Fitzrovia pub, The Wheatsheaf. He was 21, and an already established poet. She was nearly a year older with ambitions to be a dancer. Dylan was completely entranced by her and, just over a year later, the two were married.

Virtually penniless, the couple spent the first weeks of married life with his parents in Wales before moving to New Inn House at Blashford in Hampshire, the home of Caitlin’s mother, Yvonne Macnamara. Nora Summers, a close family friend and also Yvonne’s lover, was a trained artist and a keen photographer. Her photographs of Dylan and Caitlin offer a fascinating glimpse of their life together and her portraits of Dylan, among the poet’s favourites of himself, have come to define how we see him.

This exhibition offers an unrivalled opportunity to view the colourful early life of one of the greatest of all British poets, in the centenary year of his birth.

The book Dylan Thomas and the Bohemians, The Photographs of Nora Summers by Gabriel Summers and Leonie Summers with Jeff Towns is published by Parthian Press, price £20.