Now I Find... 2007 by Adam Bridgland. Screenprint. © The artist.
Now I Find… 2007 by Adam Bridgland. Screenprint. © The artist.

Fables by Adam Bridgland
1st Dec 2013 – 15th Feb 2014

Adam Bridgland rejoices in the mundane, finding inspiration in colouring books, travel guides, Scout camp paraphernalia and the British seaside holidays – holiday-making as a fantasy that rarely lives up to expectations. His work is kitsch and humorous, but also poignant, touching on familiar, peculiarly British, sentiments. His show, Fables, at the Poetry Café, London, brings together works he had made over the past seven years in collaboration with TAG Fine Arts, Jealous Print Studio, Peacock Visual Arts and Smiths Row. These include some of his first circular ‘patch’ editions from the Royal College of Art and the CIRCA print suite, published by Peacock Visual Arts in summer 2013.

About the artist

Adam Bridgland studied fine art printmaking and photomedia at Norwich School of Art and Design and graduated from the Royal College of Art with an MA in Fine Art Printmaking in 2006. He has exhibited widely in the UK, Europe, Asia and America and has had solo shows at the Idea Store and Whitechapel, London; Peacock Visual Arts, Aberdeen; Aspex, Portsmouth, and Curwen and New Academy Gallery, London. His work is held in the collections of the British Museum, the V&A, HBOS and UCLH Arts London.


Adam Bridgland talks to Mike Sims about his work: caravans, picnics, printmaking and Pop Art…

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Fables Twitter couplets competition

To celebrate the Fables exhibition we ran a competition on Twitter for poetry couplets based on phrases from Adam Bridgland’s artworks. We’re delighted to announce that the winner is…

“Deckchairs in a layby, a picnic on the edge / road atlas open on the favourite page”

Congratulations to Karen Lockney (@KJ193), who won The Poetry Society Adam Bridgland mug, badge and live print, printed at the Poetry Café at the Private View of the exhibition in January.

Many thanks to everyone who entered. Some of the other #fablescouplets entries…

@paul_tweet A stars’ dominion, this inky hemisphere / inverted bowl of hope, into which we peer

@njohnPanjamdrum: Treading water mid Atlantic; the North Star points to where you are.

@ashleylvsmith: We used the stars to guide us home. I wish we’d thought of Google Chrome…

@kimunpopular: Heliocentric until dawns beginning / Only your orbit can stop me from spinning

@KearnsDiane: Breadcrumbs; maps; Minoan threads for some – We used the stars to guide us home

@JOD45:  We used the stars to guide us home / But got caught short by the velodrome