Pharmapoetica 1 MS web
from Pharmapoetica by Maria Vlotides & Chris McCabe. © The artist.

A Dispensary of Poetry by Maria Vlotides
14th Apr – 15th Jun 2014

The exhibition, Pharmapoetica. A Dispensary of Poetry, is the result of a collaboration between poet Chris McCabe and artist and herbalist Maria Vlotides, in which the alchemical and transformative processes of language and its meaning through poetry are mirrored by the alchemical and transformative process of plants into medicinal drugs.

Originally conceived as an art installation in the form of a medical cabinet of poems based on plants used pharmacologically, Pharmapoetica. A Dispensary of Poetry developed into a limited edition book of the same title, published by Pedestrian Press and shortlisted for the Ted Hughes Award for New Work in Poetry 2013. Pharmapoetica at the Poetry Café is an exhibition of Maria Vlotides’s photographs of the installation, a cataloguing of the project through portraits of each poem and herb.