You are an ocean and I am a living thing

19 March 2018 – 21 April 2018

Toni Morrison by Thom Kofoed
Toni Morrison by Thom Kofoed

“This exhibition represents my own personal anthology of female poets. Each of these women explore and interrogate the nature of poetry: through poetry itself or through novel writing, non-fiction writing, visual art, music or comedy. Many of them work across all of these artforms. They each take a radical approach to language and use it to the full extent of its power. They play with words, create incomparable images and tell stories that no one has heard before.

“All of these women have also inspired my own work as a writer and an artist. When I was growing up, I wasn’t exposed to the wealth of work being created by female poets. I only knew the very few who were represented in my textbooks at school; I had to go in search of others myself. As I read more, I realised that the white, male monopoly on poetry as an artform had required many women to work beyond the boundaries, and embed their poems in other artforms. I realised that every time I read a Toni Morrison novel or listened to Joni Mitchell or watched Victoria Wood’s stand-up, I was hearing and absorbing poetry in a powerful and important way. This collection is a celebration of these women.” – Thom Kofoed, artist

The exhibition includes paintings, drawings and needlework pieces. All images are for sale.

 Thom Kofoed’s exhibition, You are an ocean and I am a living thing, was launched at The Poetry Cafe, London, on Monday 19 March.

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