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Collages by Annette Visser with Poetry by IG Karfield

Exhibition 29 October–1 December 2018 • Opening event 29 October – all welcome!

Annette Visser works with her fingers and scissors in a very free way. Her apparently subtle interventions can change an image completely. She is not looking for perfection, but is ripping and cutting, placing the elements right there where they should be. Her minimal actions result in intriguing images, partly figurative, often touched by abstraction. Simplicity is the power!

I.G. Karfield is an American poet. His work is edited and published by Dutch writer Ike Krijnen. Little is known about how the two of them met, except that it happened somewhere in Kansas, USA, on a rock. Mr. Karfield has contributed to the world of literary hokum since 2009, shared online by Ike Krijnen through several themed blogs.

In 2013, Ike published a little red booklet in print, with a selection of IG Karfield’s poems, called (green) CREATURES, available on amazon. Ike has taken it upon himself to distribute Mr. Karfield’s work, be it in (digital) print, on video or by performing live wherever he sees fit. And we suppose Mr. Karfield is thankful for it.

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