Food & Drink

Come for breakfast, lunch or dinner

We offer delicious vegetarian and vegan meals including soups and stews, a variety of snacks and a sandwich of the day – drop in or give us a call to check if the sweet potato and cauliflower curry is on the menu.

.. or just treat yourself!

We have cakes, flapjacks, crisps and fresh fruit on offer, and there’s always a gluten-free / vegan option or two. Black forest brownies and the Red Velvet cake are our favourites.


Open sandwich with gourmet crisps or cheese toastie with salsa £5.00
Homemade Soup with sourdough / GF bread and butter or olive oil £5.50 (+£1 GF)
Homemade Stew with couscous / GF couscous  £6.80 (+£1 GF)
Homemade Quiche served with a mini salad £4.50
Locally baked sourdough, hummus and olives £4.50
Crisps £1.20
Nut mix £2
Frosted cake slice £3.80
Changing selection of treats / pastries (V/GF options) from £2.60


Something to drink?

We serve Drury coffee, which is Rainforest certified, as well as a diverse selection of herbal and caffeinated loose-leaf teas. There is always soya, oat and almond milk available for your drink to be just how you like it. The cold pressed juices are uniquely flavoured and we also offer sodas from Square Root, which are made in Hackney.


Artisanal local made sodas £2.50
Fever Tree tonic £2.00
Rejuce cold pressed juice £3.00
Still/Sparkling water £1.50
Loose leaf tea pots £2.80
Espresso £2.30
Americano £2.40
Macchiato £2.60
Flat white/Latte/Cappuccino  £2.90
House made Chai/Hot Chocolate  £2.90
Mocha  £3.10
Milk alternatives  £0.20

Vegan beer and wine ONLY!

I you feel like a beer, a glass of wine or something out of our selection of spirits, we are truly the place to be – have you ever tried Writers Tears Whiskey, or Poetic License Gin?


Pilsner Urquell £4.00
London Meantime Lager £4.80
Guinness/Aspall Suffolk Cider £5.00
Ribellata Trebbiano (white house wine) £5.00/£5.50/£22
Ribellata Sangiovese (red house wine) £5.00/£5.50/£22
Le Bois des Violettes Rose (rose) £6.00/£6.50/£25
Picpoul Plo d’Isabelle (white) £6.00/£6.50/£25
Côtes du Rhône, Remy Febras (red) £6.00/£6.50/£25
Prosecco Corte Alta (white sparkling) 20 cl. /bottle £8.50/£27
Gin/Vodka/Tequilla/Whiskey/Rum £4.50/£6.50

Bespoke Catering 

We’re happy to provide specialty catering for your booking. Below is a sample menu:

Brunch with pastry and coffee  £5.80
Sharing bowls of gourmet crisps/roasted nuts  £5.00
Mini sandwiches (cheese or hummus with pesto or tomato chilli, etc) £2.50 per serving
Mediterranean bites on skewers (olive, mozzarella, sun-dried tomato) £2.00 per serving 
Cheese platter with fruit and a cracker selection £35.00 per platter
Crudites with dip variety & bread with olive oil £2.00 per serving
Wild rice salad or mixed bean salad £2.00 per serving
Bruschetta bites  £2.50 per serving
Roasted peppers and artichoke hearts  £3.00 per serving
Sparkling elderflower cordial  £2.00 per serving
Many other items available upon request