Donate as you shop – easyfundraising

One way that you can donate money to The Poetry Society (without spending anything extra yourself!) is to use easyfundraising, shop online with over 2,700 retailers and they’ll give a donation every time you buy something at no extra cost. 

Here’s How It Works

Easyfundraising11. Start at Easyfundraising

Let’s say you want to buy something from John Lewis. Instead of going to, you go to first – or you can use the easyfundraising toolbar.


Easyfundraising22. Make a purchase

You click from the easyfundraising website through to John Lewis to make your purchase. The price of the item is exactly the same as if you’d visited John Lewis directly.


Easyfundraising33. Get a Donation

After you have bought your item, John Lewis will make a donation to our cause as a thank you for shopping with them. Easyfundraising collect these donations for us, and it costs nothing! 


Simply register once and you can support The Poetry Society with all your online purchases.