North West & Online – Alison Chisholm


Location: North West (when Covid conditions allow)

Duration: 1hr

Fee: £70 (£60 for Poetry Society Members) – from 1 April 2021

How to book

  • Please book online via the What’s On page
  • Email [email protected] with any queries
  • Poetry Society Members – make sure you pick the lower price option

Next steps

  • Alison will be in touch with you by phone or email to confirm a date and time.
  • At least two weeks before the session, please email 6 poems, or 150 lines maximum, to her in one Word or PDF document.
  • Add an accompanying note saying 1. why you write poetry, 2. what you hope to do with your writing, 3. what you hope to gain from the session.

About Alison

Alison Chisholm has written eleven collections, six books on poetry writing including Crafting Poetry, and also the distance learning poetry course for The Writers Bureau. Her poems have won numerous competitions in Britain and America, and been broadcast on TV and radio. She has taught creative writing and poetry writing to adults since 1983, and has given workshops in schools and libraries, and at conferences in Britain and overseas, including The Writers’ Holiday, Fishguard, The Writers’ Summer School, and Relax and Write weekends.  She is a regular columnist for Writing Magazine.

Feedback from Alison’s previous sessions

“As ever, everything was excellent. I’m so glad I just happened upon Alison, never having read her poetry before I met her. She is both a great communicator and extremely genuine person. Her advice is well worth taking and one receives honest critiques which help to concentrate on those aspects of one’s work which need scrutiny. I don’t doubt that I will be visiting her again before the year is out.” CF

“My session with Alison was inspirational. Alison’s joy in poetry – and her capacity to communicate its essential worthwhileness in a world that can overwhelm us with ideas and information – I found to be transformational.  Her detailed commentary and suggestions about my work were clearly explained, insightful and I found them very helpful. I’d definitely recommend it.” RM

“I was delighted to see how to improve my attempts at poetry. Alison managed me well. The effect of a brain-damaging virus has resulted in memory difficulties for me. I had no memories of writing the poetry I found. It is my handwriting so it must have been me! Given this strange life experience, I find the previous me fascinating. Alison helped me understand how to regain my poetry writing abilities.” AW