London with Hannah Silva

This is a wonderful opportunity to discuss your poetry on a one-to-one basis with poet and tutor Hannah Silva. Hannah runs one-hour sessions in The Poetry Cafe in Covent Garden at 11.15am, 12.30pm, 2.30pm, 3.45pm and 5pm. Book online or call Paul McGrane on 020 7420 9881.

Can’t find a suitable date/time? Contact Paul McGrane to see if Hannah can set up an ad-hoc session for you.

Hannah Silva: credit: Hayley Madden for The Poetry Society
Hannah Silva: credit: Hayley Madden for The Poetry Society

Once you’ve booked, and a few weeks before your session, we’ll send you Hannah’s contact details so that you can email up to 6 poems, or 150 lines maximum. During your meeting, you will have opportunities to discuss strategies for further developing your writing, problems you may be experiencing, and ways to take your work forward. There will be plenty of time to talk about all those things you need to know about writing, revising and submitting your work. £60 for Poetry Society Members, £70 for non-members.

What they say

“It was a delight to meet Hannah and hear her extremely valuable comments. Her technical advice overall was extremely good and I took a lot of notes, and was given a lot to think about. She asked me a lot of very penetrating questions about the poems, which have been very useful indeed for me to reflect on, and gave some very thoughtful and interesting advice about voice, image, lineation, register and much else. She was clearly interested in my pieces, worked hard with me during the session to help me see them more objectively and question myself about what I was up to in them, and was clear and gently challenging in what she said. I couldn’t have asked for better feedback, in those very important terms.” DP

“Hannah’s approach was very good! She has put thought into how to improve each of my poems, asked the right questions to clarify certain points and I found her suggestions/comments really useful. As a result of the session, I have edited quite a bit and am happy with how much better the poems have become. So yes, the Surgery has helped and I would recommend it.” GB

“I found Hannah insightful and supportive, but she also challenged me as an writer to think more deeply about my processes, and sense of purpose.” CB

“I benefitted hugely from the time I spent with Hannah. It was just what I had hoped for, and provided me not only with a bit of badly-needed clarity, but also the frame of mind to go home and knock my poems around. They are much better for it.” AN

“It was really insightful. Hannah did a great job of balancing enthusiasm with insightful comment. Well worth the mulah!” NG

“The workshop with Hannah was great. So refreshing! She has such an original take on things and offered up some helpful suggestions/ideas which I will certainly work on. It was value for money (for me) compared to other tutorials I have heard about. Hannah has a friendly manner and brilliant credentials on YouTube and links on websites.” AC

“I have nothing but positive feedback to give to Hannah. It was such an incredibly useful and practical session. I was really touched that she had taken so much time to read over my work and make editing notes – it was particularly helpful for me because, while I am a poet ‘in action’ as it were and have been lucky enough to have my work published in various anthologies and placed in competitions, I don’t belong to a poetry specific workshop or critique group and it can often feel as though I’m writing very much alone and sending work off into the void and not having anyone else’s eye to help me improve or edit. Today I put some of Hannah’s suggestions into action and think I have improved one of my poems already. So it was INVALUABLE and, yes, extremely good value for money. I was impressed with the space, too – it felt more like a classroom or lecture room than a public cafe, and it was quiet, and we had it completely to ourselves. I would definitely book in for another Surgery in the future, thank you so much for organising it.” VR

“It was illuminating and she is most insightful and engaging.” IN

“Was really successful for me! Really useful.” CD

“I have found my sessions with her stimulating and helpful. Her advice has always been spot-on and she has encouraged me to take risks in my poetry. She is very perceptive and able to tease out treasures in my lines. It is reassuring to be guided by a writer of such calibre and experience and I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to take their work further.” MF

About Hannah

Hannah Silva is a British poet, playwright and performer known for her innovative explorations of form, voice and language. Her solo performances layer up vocal sounds and poetry, creating sonic explorations of meaning and sense. Her latest performance Schlock! splices Fifty Shades of Grey with a novel by Kathy Acker, celebrating ‘the slipperiness of words, reinventing them so that none of them are safe’ (The Guardian). Total Man was shortlisted for the Ted Hughes Award for New Work in Poetry. She has been featured in Wire magazine and on BBC Radio 3. Her poetry collection Forms of Protest (Penned in the Margins) was Highly Commended in the Forward Prizes. Her debut record Talk in a Bit will be released by Humankind in 2018.

Hannah won the Tinniswood Award for Best Radio Drama Script with her verse play Marathon Tales (co-written with Colin Teevan for BBC Radio 3); Jump Blue, an Afonica production for BBC Radio 3, about the Russian freediver Natalia Molchanova received a special commendation in the Best Single Drama category at the 2017 BBC Audio Drama Awards, with Fiona Shaw shortlisted for best actress. Her latest work for radio includes The Music Lesson (Sparklab Productions, BBC Radio 4) and Solitary, about a woman in solitary confinement in a British prison (Afonica, BBC Radio 3).