Poetry Prescription

Poetry Prescription. Illustration by David Sparshott.
Poetry Prescription. Illustration by David Sparshott.

Our team of established, professional poets, will provide detailed, critical feedback on up to 100 lines of your poetry, based on your experience, skills and poetic ambitions. The Poetry Prescription service includes:

  • an appraisal of your work and suggestions to help you develop it
  • a prescription of further reading material
  • advice on the best way to present your work

£40 for Poetry Society Members, £50 for non members.

Be prepared for an honest and rigorous response. The appraisal is not intended to be the definitive commentary on your work. However, it is the opinion of an individual with experience worth listening to.

Next steps

  1. Complete the Poetry Prescription questionnaire and save as a document.
  2. Prepare your poems for appraisal and save as a document.
    • Your poems should total no more than 100 lines and be typed on one side of the page only, each page carrying 1) your name, 2) page number, and 3) total number of lines for the poem – not including title.
  3. Add Poetry Prescription to your basket and pay for your appraisal online.
  4. Follow the instructions at checkout to attach your completed questionnaire and poems as documents.
  5. Allow up to 6 weeks for the return of your appraisal.

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Feedback on Poetry Prescription:

“Please thank the poet for the very useful and particular comments on craft, many of which I will put into practice. It has given me exactly the technical criticism I hoped for. And thank you too for the very comprehensive survey of the poetry scene. It was so much more than I expected.” – TY

“Thank you so much to The Poetry Society and to the professional poet who read my work and provided the Prescription. Their words were both very kind and educational. The Prescription was exactly what I was looking for and what I needed to read so that I can continue to improve/grow as a poet. I will be ordering a new Prescription at least once a year in the hope that they will help me track my progress over time.” – JC

“I’ve been writing poetry for some time now but have never had the courage to share my poetry at a workshop or indeed submit them anywhere through a complete lack of confidence. The Poetry Prescription service has really helped me not only improve my writing but also, it’s given me a much-needed confidence boost. The critical analysis of my poetry was constructive, considered and thorough. Not only is there the analysis of your poetry but also a very detailed response to the poetry questionnaire that you send off along with your work. The Prescription was full of incredibly useful tips – all of which can be applied to future work making this service such a worthwhile investment. If you’re looking to tighten up your writing and take your poetry to the next level then I cannot recommend this service enough. Thank you!” – JB

“Please pass on my immense thanks to the reviewer for their feedback. It was precise, thorough, encouraging and made sense. It helped me see some strengths that I didn’t know were there, and some indulgences and bad habits that I need to work on. The reviewer seemed to know what I was aiming for, which gave me confidence in them. The poem shared for me to think about was electrifying – both as a poem and because it demonstrated a clear affinity with the type of poetry I would like to be able to write. After a break from writing for many years, and a period of ill-health, this level of supportive, expert and practical advice is just what the doctor ordered! Thanks again to the Society for providing such a great service to members.” – RH

“It was enormously valuable to me and helped me to triangulate objectively with other feedback I was getting on my poetry. My question was whether to pursue an application for a Masters and I found the encouragement really helpful. As a result of receiving the feedback I tidied up my portfolio, screwed up my courage and applied for an MA in Creative Writing at Goldsmith’s. I’m delighted to say that I was successful. Please do pass on my thanks to my prescriber!” – VB

“Excellent. The remarks are very consistent, specific, clear, actionable, make sense – and made my work feel valued and taken seriously! I love it.” – DL

“The detailed and honest critique of my work surpassed my expectations. This is just what I needed – some confirmation that I am on the right track, along with some very perceptive suggestions for when I stray from that track. The level of detail in the appraisal is just what I need, and I hope that I can now start to develop a similar critical sense in my own self-editing. I am now looking forward to continuing to write, with my anonymous and imaginary editor-critic looking over my shoulder!” – DR

“‘This was my first attempt to ask for advice on my poems and the feedback from Poetry Prescriptions was wonderfully detailed and helpful.” – JL

“Many thanks for the Poetry Prescription. I feel much better now, about reviewing my poems. That’s due to taking on board most (if not all) of the Poetry Prescriptions suggestions, which are essential. Thanks again.” – JS

“The person who critiqued my writing was superb. The comments are super helpful and very responsive to what I was asking for in my questionnaire. It’s clear the person paid a great deal of attention to my writing. The remarks suggesting change or  more development in concept or style were quite on point. Also I was not left dangling about how to approach and reach what my (not the person making the critique) end results might be. I couldn’t be happier with my “Prescription” and have already gone to work on attaining a “healthier” set of poems. It’s just a lot of fun. I certainly will do another “Prescription” again.” – SA

“The Poetry Prescription has made me look more seriously at developing my work…The feedback was constructive and at times, brutal… like iambs to the slaughter!! But hey! I survived!! Give it a go.” – CP

“What I most wanted to find out was whether my inner editor coincided with an external one. It did. What was really valuable, however, was that he loved a particular line that I felt was one of those rare moment of ‘authentic’ poetry, that is to say, a line written from trusted instinct rather than from a mind consciously trying to have an effect. This has given me confidence to trust that impulse in future.” – TY

“Thank you so much for my Prescription and most valuable resources also attached. My feedback is most appreciative… Almost all the comments I considered very valid. A work plan is now formulated. I had not stopped writing whilst awaiting my Prescription, but badly needed direction which I now have more clearly in mind as I develop my ideas.” – JFB