Poetry Prescription: more feedback

“I really enjoyed the poetry surgery with Kona. I think it was value for money, and I’d certainly recommend it to others. I left feeling encouraged to write more, at the same time as I gained a better sense of what I need to do to improve my writing and tighten up my technique — I think it’s quite rare you get both of these elements at the same time. Many thanks to Kona!” KM, Edinburgh

“Please pass on my thanks to the appraiser of my poems. I found the appraisal very helpful. I think I have sharpened up my work in response to some of the ideas about being simpler and more direct. I was very encouraged to be told that a couple of my poems could possibly be accepted by some magazine editors.” LH, Sheffield

“Really valued the feedback and, of course, was pleased about the reviewer’s judgment which was that I should seek publication in established poetry magazines. Think the service is absolutely excellent – well designed and well executed. Would be grateful if you passed on my thanks to the reviewer.” QB, Twickenham

“Please thank the person who did my Poetry Prescription. It was fantastic! I found it enormously helpful: warm, considered, precise, and useful. She, or he, gave me everything I needed to think about, and I have been reviewing all my work ever since, because my weakness’ were highlighted for me. I wasn’t even remotely upset by the ‘criticisms’ : I felt taken seriously, which was ‘delicious’.”  AH, California

“Earlier this year I received a Poetry Prescription. Two of the poems I sent in were then re-written, taking into account the comments in the Prescription. These poems have now been published in a magazine.” RM, Rugby

” I was struck by three things: the obvious expertise used to assess my writing; this person knew and understood what I try to say; the gentle shrewdness of the comments! I can see what is meant and will attempt to tie my writing more firmly to the little things of life, that define our reality for us, before launching the unsuspecting reader on a journey into the unknown!” LB, Southend