Poetry Prescription: more feedback

“I really enjoyed the poetry surgery with Kona. I think it was value for money, and I’d certainly recommend it to others. I left feeling encouraged to write more, at the same time as I gained a better sense of what I need to do to improve my writing and tighten up my technique — I think it’s quite rare you get both of these elements at the same time. Many thanks to Kona!” K Manson, Edinburgh, November 2010

“Please pass on my thanks to whoever did the Poetry Prescription feedback – the comments are much appreciated and have helped to give me a clearer focus and renewed motivation.” Michael Hough, Glasgow, October 2010

“Please pass on my thanks to the poet who read my poems – his/her comments are extremely helpful and constructive. I was very pleased that my poems were taken seriously and I do feel encouraged to keep writing!” Anne Eccleshall, Watford, August 2010

Some stanzas (from ‘Torfaen’ a poem published in the summer 2010 issue of Poetry News) came from an earlier poem (on a slightly different theme) I submitted to Poetry Prescription service in 2007. The reviewer felt that they were fine as far as they went but somewhat ‘slight’ and should be expanded to make a ‘more potent statement.’ They lay dormant for a while until the ‘buried language’ theme came along and inspired me to merge them into an unfinished draft of another poem. So it shows that ‘Prescription’ advice can pay off! Phil Williams, Staffordshire, June 2010

“Please pass on my thanks to the appraiser of my poems. I found the appraisal very helpful. I think I have sharpened up my work in response to some of the ideas about being simpler and more direct. I was very encouraged to be told that a couple of my poems could possibly be accepted by some magazine editors.” Lionel Hanaghan, Sheffield, June 2010.

“Really valued the feedback and, of course, was pleased about the reviewer’s judgment which was that I should seek publication in established poetry magazines. Think the service is absolutely excellent – well designed and well executed. Would be grateful if you passed on my thanks to the reviewer.” QB, Twickenham, May 2010

“I have studied the feedback of my poetry and I think it has been worth every penny. I was particularly impressed by the detailed response to each of my poems. The criticism was spot on and I agreed with every comment. Whilst I am quite a way from becoming the next Ted Hughes I feel confident that I can now write better poems.” Steven Lockwood, Rutland, April 2010

“Convey my warmest thanks to the reviewer. Most of the suggestions are excellent and very helpful to help eliminate my defects.” Simon Altmann, Oxford, April 2010

“Please thank the person who did my Poetry Prescription. It was fantastic! I found it enormously helpful: warm, considered, precise, and useful. She, or he, gave me everything I needed to think about, and I have been reviewing all my work ever since, because my weakness’ were highlighted for me. I wasn’t even remotely upset by the ‘criticisms’ : I felt taken seriously, which was ‘delicious’.”  Anita Harmon, California, February 2010

“Thank you for sending the appraisal which arrived safely, along with the writing guidelines. The feedback was great and I will study technique and examples.” Cassandra Keen, France, January 2010

“Many thanks for the Poetry Prescription. I have found the comments very helpful and constructive. Please pass on my thanks to the reviewer.” Colin Philpott, Knaresborough, January 2010

“Thank you for the very helpful and informative Poetry Prescription. The reviewer has a difficult task and manages to be encouraging whilst gently suggesting ways of tackling weaknesses in my work.” Carol Ann Lintern, Westcliff-on-Sea, October 2009

“Please pass on my thanks to the appraiser for his/her thoughts and advice.” Michael Spilberg, Liss, October 2009

“My thanks to the author of my Poetry Prescription for his or her thoughtful and warm comments.” Jack Kerridge, London, October 2009

“Please convey my thanks to the person who provided my Poetry Prescription – they provided quite a few helpful ideas which I am following up.” Alex Blustin, Cambridge, May 2009 

“Could you please pass my appreciation on to the poet for the personal, comprehensive and inspirational guidance, but mostly for being utterly spot on ! (I will be following the advice). Also, the value for money is without compare.” Alan Nolan, Richmond (Surrey), May 2009

“I would just like to thank the poet that you passed my poetry onto for an excellent critique. He (or she) got just the right balance of encouragement and admonishment to rethink this or that – with a gentle reminder to check my grammar! I have now enough courage to try out a couple of competitions with the revised poems and am working my way through the list of poetry magazines.” Amanda Baker, Germany, March 2009

“Earlier this year I received a Poetry Prescription. Two of the poems I sent in were then re-written, taking into account the comments in the Prescription. These poems have now been published in a magazine.” RM, Rugby, November 2008

“I appreciate all the thought that went into this (Prescription) and agree with about half of what was said. I disagree with the other half – passionately !! – but I also feel pleased to realise for the first time that I can justify my own work to an outsider. However it was all useful, and certainly helped me revise my work for the (National Poetry) Competition. The general notes were also useful – I had worked out quite a lot of this for myself, but it was helpful to have my suspicions confirmed.” Angela Arratoon, London, November 2008.

” I was struck by three things: the obvious expertise used to assess my writing; this person knew and understood what I try to say; the gentle shrewdness of the comments! I can see what is meant and will attempt to tie my writing more firmly to the little things of life, that define our reality for us, before launching the unsuspecting reader on a journey into the unknown!” Linda Barnard, Southend, September 2008

“Thank you for my Poetry Presciption which was very thorough, instructive, informative and which will be of great help in my future writing.” Jane Morley, Paris, September 2008

“With the help I have received… I hope to get back into my writing routine, and I really am very grateful for your support and good wishes.” Pat Watson, Warwickshire, August 2008

“Just wanted to say that the feedback I received was invaluable! I have learned an enormous amount from your poet’s comments. Many thanks!” Nina Boyd, Huddersfield, May 2008

“Please pass on my thanks to the person responsible for my recent Poetry Prescription… he/she obviously read my work carefully and put a lot of thought into her comments. One or two remarks – things I could never have seen for myself – really struck home.” William Francis, France, April 2008

“I would like to thank the Poetry Society for organising this project and the person who offered such good advice and information… thanks for such an innovative project.” Reba Bhaduri, Manchester, March 2008

“Just had Poetry Prescription back and found it enormously useful… It was both affirming and informative. Well worth doing.” Anne Cunningham, Hertfordshire, March 2008

“Please give my thanks to the poet who took on this task and say how much I appreciate the thoroughness of the feedback. The accompanying materials are also helpful… a really good investment.” James Henderson-Findlay, Lincolnshire, February 2008

“Please pass along my thanks for the recent response to my Poetry Prescription submission. I found the assessor’s comments very helpful, constructive and encouraging.” Nigel Wade, Cheltenham, December 2007

“This has proved to be a really helpful and encouraging experience that has given me the belief that I can write and that I am a poet… I am now fired up to carry on with my work and to grow and improve as a poet. Many thanks.” Kathryn Alderman, Gloucester, November 2007

“Thanks very much for my Poetry Prescription. I’m very pleased with it.” John Buck, London, September 2007

“Please pass my appreciation to the person concerned for his/her meticulous reading and valuable comments – I have applied those I agreed with to my work and reading and found them so apposite that I am still thinking about those I strongly disagreed with!” Mr A, West Yorkshire, September 2007

‘…very interesting, extremely helpful and encouraging. Please pass on my heartfelt thanks to the poet concerned.’ Pamela Toombs, Suffolk, June 2007

‘Thank you for the prompt return of a very helpful prescription… I can recognise both the knowledgeable judgment and the sensitivity to the individual in your critique – both are very much appreciated.’ Helen Evans, Alton, February 2007

‘Many thanks for my Poetry Prescription response and please pass on my sincere thanks to the ‘prescriber’ for their very useful and encouraging advice.’ Des Hannigan, Penzance, January 2007