Ilmar Lehtpere

Ilmar Lehtpere had a bilingual upbringing in Estonian and English. His translations of Estonian poetry have appeared in various literary journals in Europe and America. 

Ilmar Lehtpere is Kristiina Ehin’s English language translator. He has translated nearly all of her work – poetry, prose and drama – most of which has appeared in Kristiina’s nine books in his translation, as well as in numerous literary magazines. Kristiina and he have won two prestigious prizes together for poetry in translation. Their collaboration is ongoing. Ilmar lives in Estonia with his wife, the poet Sadie Murphy.

In 2013, Ilmar was shortlisted for The Poetry Society’s Popescu Prize for European Poetry in Translation for his translation of 1001 Winters  by Kristiina Ehin. Read an extract from the collection on our website.