Individual posters from Poems on the Underground (107) – set of six posters (Keats200)


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From 8 February 2021, a new set of Poems on the Underground will go live on tube cars throughout the month, and into March, celebrating 200 years of John Keats’s legacy. In addition to two poems by Keats, we have a stanza from Shelley’s Adonais, and poems by contemporary poets on themes that were important to Keats, especially his love of the natural world. Find out more about Keats200 here.

The poems in this set are:

from ‘Endymion’ by John Keats
‘When I have fears that I may cease to be’ by John Keats
from ‘Adonais’ by Percy Bysshe Shelley
‘Wish You Were Here’ by Julia Fiedorczuk, translated by Bill Johnston
‘rising’ by Jean Binta Breeze
‘I go inside the tree’ by Jo Shapcott

Choose an individual poster from the Poems on the Underground (107) set. Each poster measures 28cm by 61cm. 

The posters are designed by Tom Davidson.

Poems on the Underground is supported by Transport for London, The British Council and Arts Council England. Poems are selected by the writer Judith Chernaik and poets Imtiaz Dharker and George Szirtes.


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