The Poetry Review: Vol 106, No 4, Winter 2016


Eliot, Frost, Gunn and metaphysics: Maurice Riordan talks at length to Paul Muldoon about his Selected Poems in the new winter issue of The Poetry Review, co-edited by Riordan and Sarah Howe. Elsewhere, as Howe explains in her editorial, clouds make connections – trace the sky’s Rorschach in new poems by Kaveh Akbar, Simon Armitage, Andre Bagoo, Jorie Graham, Daniel Liebert, Pascale Petit, Penelope Shuttle, Hugo Williams, Jane Yeh and others, and in Matthea Harvey’s delightful photo-poem, ‘Kardashian Klouds’. In other prose, Nick Laird, Zaffar Kunial and Bhanu Kapil explore inspirational places, Eleanor Goodman writes on contemporary Chinese women poets, and Jen Hadfield tracks limpet life against human behaviour. There are also reviews of Anne Carson, Helen Farish, Melissa Lee-Houghton, W.S. Merwin, Sharon Olds, Tiphanie Yanique and many more.


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