The Poetry Review: Vol 108, No 4, Winter 2018


‘Winter words in various moods and metres’, the title of Simon Armitage’s lecture on A.R. Ammons, Housman, Hardy – which is published for the first time in The Poetry Review – neatly captures the content of our winter issue. We have new poems by Fleur Adcock, Amy Crutchfield, Will Harris, Jodie Hollander, Fawzia Muradali Kane, Vandana Khanna, Fred Melnyczuk, Rainie Oet, Frank Ormsby, Pascale Petit, Chris Rice, Sam Riviere, Ralf Webb and Ruth Wiggins, alongside translations from Hungarian, Korean, Portuguese and Chinese (Baek Eun-Seon translated by Jae Kim; Kinga Fabó by Andrew Fentham; Luís Quintais by Lesley Saunders; and Duo Yu by Fiona Sze-Lorrain). Alison Brackenbury writes on poems and puddings, and Dai George’s reflects on poetry in school. Reviews include Leonard Cohen’s last poems and writings in The Flame, and collections by Tracy K. Smith, August Kleinzahler, Ellen Hinsey, J.O. Morgan, Tishani Doshi, Andrew McMillan, Eve L. Ewing, Raymond Antrobus and Fiona Moore.