The Poetry Review: Vol 109, No 3, Autumn 2019


Writing, as Seamus Heaney famously suggested, is not unlike digging. To write a poem could be to dig a hole that was there all along, searching, as contributing poet Rachael Boast puts it in her poem ‘Winter Rose’, for “something / that flowers in the deficit”. For this issue of The Poetry Review, Editor Emily Berry has gathered new poems from Colette Bryce, James Byrne, Melissa Lee-Houghton, Tehila Hakimi, Stanley Moss, Greta Stoddart, Mark Waldron and Jenny Xie. Rebecca Goss writes on grief and closure, Jeremy Noel-Tod on the Iraqi poet Fawzi Karim, and So Mayer on the Scottish poet and filmmaker Margaret Tait. Reviews include new collections by Jay Bernard, Mary Jean Chan, Norman Erikson Pasaribu, Lieke Marsman, Mary Ruefle and Karen Solie.


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