The Poetry Review: Vol 110, No 2, Summer 2020


Poems that transcend their moment and are renewed with fresh meaning in the wake of future events is our aim in the latest issue of The Poetry Review. We publish new poems by Moniza Alvi, Isabelle Baafi, Jodie Hollander, Amaan Hyder, Tom Jenks, Rachel Long, D. Nurkse and Jack Underwood, translations of András Gerevich by Andrew Fentham, and much more. In essays, Anna Woodford investigates the campus poem, while Hugh Haughton explores the meaning of T.S. Eliot and Marianne Moore’s use of animal personae. In our annual exchange with the US magazine, Poetry, we have prose and art from John Lee Clark, Sadiqa de Meijer, A.R. Ammons and Elizabeth M. Mills. In reviews, we examine new collections by Colette Bryce, Seán Hewitt, Major Jackson, Sharon Olds, Don Paterson, Kathleen Raine, Srinivas Rayaprol and others. Judge Fiona Benson reports on the Geoffrey Dearmer Prize and announces her chosen winner: Phoebe Stuckes.


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