Teaching resources

Children from St Peter’s Church of England School read with poet Coral Rumble ahead of the 2019 Christmas tree lighting up ceremony. Photo: Hayley Madden for The Poetry Society

Every year, we commission a new children’s poet to write a poem about the gift of the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree, inspired by the ideas and images of local schoolchildren.

In 2012, we created an extensive pack of teaching resources for primary teachers, which we updated in 2020. The pack offers a history of the tree and the project, and features Norwegian writers as well as Anglophone poets. Inside, you’ll discover thoughtful and fun poetry writing exercises from such leading poets as Kevin Crossley-Holland, James Carter, Frances Presley, Hanne Bramness, Coral Rumble, Kit Wright and Philip Gross. Download it here.

We’ve also compiled a number of wintry poetry resources for primary school teachers (and parents!), written by some of the brilliant poets whose poems have decorated the Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square over the years, all for KS1-2. You can download them for free below.

Listen & Watch

Some years, we’ve been lucky enough to be followed by film crews on the day of the ceremony. You can watch Joseph Coelho performing his poem ‘Look Into My Lights’ as we watch pupils from St Clement Danes on the day of their performance in Trafalgar Square below.

We’ve also been able to make a podcast of the three children from St Peter’s Church of England School performing ‘The Gift’, Clare Pollard’s poem for Look North More Often. This recording was taken just before their big performance!