National Poetry Competition 2013 Filmpoems

In a collaboration between The Poetry Society and artist Alastair Cook, the ten winning poems of the National Poetry Competition 2013 have been reimagined as filmpoems. All the winning poems are now available to view on our website – here and with the winning poems themselves – and at

All ten films were screened at the Filmpoem Festival in Antwerp on 14 June 2014, in partnership with Felix Poetry Festival and at the Poetry International Festival in July 2014 at the Southbank Centre in London.

The National Poetry Competition is one of the world’s biggest competitions for single poems, with a first prize of £5,000. You can find out more, and explore past winners, on our website.

Filmpoem logo

1st: Linda France’s ‘Bernard and Cerinthe
Filmpoem by Alastair Cook

2nd: Paula Bohince’s ‘Among Barmaids
Filmpoem by Idil Sukan

3rd: Josephine Abbott’s ‘Love on a Night Like This
Filmpoem by Kate Sweeney


Elaine Gaston’s ‘Push Bike
Filmpoem by Robert Peake

Carolyn Jess-Cooke’s ‘Hare
Filmpoem by Melissa Joan Diem

Debbie Lim’s ‘Gift of the Sloth
Filmpoem by Marc Neys

Danica Ognjenovic’s ‘Birdfall
Filmpoem by Adele Myers

Ken Taylor’s ‘crepuscule with nellie (take six)
Filmpoem by Ginnetta Correli

Tom Warner’s ‘CCTV Central Control
Filmpoem by Chris Hurst

Patricia Wooldridge’s ‘I Stop Wearing the Mini-skirt, 1972
Filmpoem by Alicja Pawluczuk.