National Poetry Competition 2014 Filmpoems

In a collaboration between The Poetry Society and artist Alastair Cook, the winning poems of the National Poetry Competition 2014 have been reimagined as filmpoems. You can view the winning poems  on our website, and all eleven films will tour festivals and events around the country.

The National Poetry Competition is one of the world’s biggest competitions for single poems, with a first prize of £5,000. You can find out more, and explore past winners, on our website.

Filmpoem logo

1st: Roger Philip Dennis’s ‘Corkscrew Hill Photo
Filmpoem by James William Norton

2nd: Joanne Key’s ‘The Day the Deer Came
Filmpoem by Alastair Cook

3rd: Fran Lock’s ‘Last exit to Luton
Filmpoem by Alicja Pawluczuk


Beverley Nadin’s ‘Bees
Filmpoem by Kate Sweeney

Paul Nemser’s ‘After the Calm
Filmpoem by James William Norton

Eliot North’s ‘The Crab Man
Filmpoem by Alastair Cook

Mark Pajak’s ‘Cat on the Tracks
Filmpoem by Katie Garrett

Filmpoem by Alicja Pawluczuk

Jonathan Tel’s ‘Ber Lin
Filmpoem by Corinne Silva

Jason Watts’s ‘For a Liturgy
Filmpoem by Alastair Cook

Tom Weir’s ‘Day Trippin’
Filmpoem by Francesca Beard and Jason Larkin