Submissions guidelines

Follow our recommendations here to get the best out of submitting your work to The Poetry Review.

The Poetry Review welcomes submissions of unpublished poems and translations of poems. These must be typed and sent as paper copies (not by email – unless you are outside the UK, in which case see below) to: The Poetry Review, The Poetry Society, 22 Betterton Street, London WC2H 9BX.

We have a policy of publishing work by new and upcoming poets as well as that of established poets. All submissions are read by the editor and considered on an equal basis. Unfortunately, due to the volume of submissions we receive, we cannot offer any individual criticism. Our aim is to accept or reject work within three months, and we do respond to every submission – but please read, and follow, the submission guidelines in order to facilitate our response.

Please note, Editor Emily Berry is taking a short sabbatical from September 2019 to March 2020. The Guest Editor of the Winter 2019 issue will be Colette Bryce; the Guest Editors of the Spring 2020 issue will be Mary Jean Chan and Will Harris.

As we accept submissions on a rolling basis, we can’t guarantee that your submission will be read by a particular editor. However, as an approximate guideline, Colette will read submissions sent between August up to early-mid November, and Mary Jean and Will from November to early-mid February.

Submission guidelines (for all writers)

• Send a maximum of six poems to be considered for an issue.
• Only send unpublished work.
• Send one submission at a time. That is, please do not send a new submission if you have not yet had a response to a previous one.
• We do not consider simultaneous submissions, i.e. work that is being considered elsewhere.
• Poems should be typed.
• Please put your name and address at the foot of each page, as this helps us keep track.
• Include a cover note containing your address and email. You may add a brief publication history (but this won’t affect your chances).

If you are submitting from outside the UK:

• Please submit your work via Submittable. There are separate options for members and non-members of the Poetry Society:

If you are submitting from the UK:

• For the time being, poets submitting from the UK must send work by post to the address above, including a stamped SAE for a response. We are happy to return your work but include sufficient postage if you want us to do so.

The Poetry Review receives many thousands of poems of which we print only a fraction. So don’t be discouraged by a rejection from us. You will find an extensive list of other poetry magazines to try on the Poetry Library website.

Publications for review

We welcome submissions of review copies of poetry collections and poetry-related works, but please note we receive a huge volume of these and are able to review only a very small proportion. As such we are unable to confirm receipt of review copies (unless an SAE is included with the book), or to confirm whether a book will be reviewed or not. If a review is included, the publishers will be notified once it has appeared.

Trustees and staff of The Poetry Society may not submit material for publication in The Poetry Review.

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