Vol 108, No 3, Autumn 2018

The Poetry Review 1083 Autumn 2018

For Elizabeth Bishop, Lavinia Greenlaw proposed in a 2011 article, travel became the means by which she could “fully explore the idea of home without having to be there”, suggesting that it is the experience of travel itself that constitutes “the long trip home”. For others in this issue, a kind of travel occurs without their ever setting out, as in the last of John Greening’s ‘Four Huntingdonshire Codices’, in which a domestic interior seems to become the site of a possible shipwreck: “Where have we arrived today?”

from Emily Berry’s Editorial


Anna Maria Carpi / Lisa Mullenneaux, Three Qualities, Unreal House
Nyla Matuk, Migrants’ Cento
Marilyn Hacker, Calligraphies II
Kit Fan, A Long Story of Moon, Noh Mask, Yaseonna
Gail McConnell, Untitled / Villanelle  Read Gail’s ‘Behind the poem’ article
Hugh Smith, That’s Nice, Frank and Lemons
Emily Bludworth de Barrios, A map is a picture that shows where things are, Our megalopolis
Angelina D’Roza, Correspondences (I)
Maitreyabandhu, The Artist’s Mother, The Apple’s Progress
Rimas Uzgiris, Reflections from Brussels
Alison Winch, from Thomas Hobbes (1588–) Works Motherhood,  baps Read Alison’s ‘Behind the poem’ article
Alice Kavounas, I Have Come Full Circle
Chris McCabe, from Threnody of Radiation
Miles Burrows, The Heidegger Period
John Greening, Four Huntingdonshire Codices
Jean Sprackland, Crystallography, Dumb animals
Sean Borodale, from Insect Commune
Rosebud Ben-Oni, Poet Wrestling with the Day the Sun Stood Still in Cold November Rain
Maurice Riordan, During the Recent Thunder & Lightning
Helen Grant, On the Backyard Decking, The Whole Night
Julian Stannard, Seven Sisters
Safia Elhillo, Self-Portrait without Stitches, Night
Penelope Shuttle, Beautifully done
Sam Buchan-Watts, The art of trying


The sentient house: Angela Conway visits the Elizabeth Bishop house, Nova Scotia


An uncommon language by Sandeep Parmar
It is never night when you die: Ilya Kaminsky on René Char


Alice Hiller on Andrew Motion and Ruth Padel
Jenny Lewis reviews Matthew Francis and Margaret Lloyd, both inspired by The Mabinogi
Carrie Etter on Evie Shockley and Terrance Hayes
Jade Cuttle reviews debuts from Richard Scott, Zaffar Kunial and Ben Wilkinson
Sam Riviere on Chelsey Minnis, Nadia de Vries and Hannah Regel
W.N. Herbert on Barry MacSweeney’s Desire Lines: Unselected Poems 1966–2000
Julian Stannard on Kathryn Maris, Caroline Bird and Martina Evans
Carol Rumens on The Caught Habits of Language: An Entertainment for W.S. Graham on Him Having Reached One Hundred
David Wheatley navigates Don Paterson’s The Poem: Lyric, Sign, Metre


The promise of professionalism: J.T. Welsch