Everything In Its Season – Volume 101, No 4, Winter 2011, Poetry Review

Everything in its season“C.K. Williams’s richly nuanced account of the anxieties he associates with getting older was a great success as the Poetry Society’s Annual Lecture, making us laugh and cry – and think. For age may be a cultural but it is also a biological fact. So this issue also includes a triptych observing seasonal change in the natural world. Fleur Adcock and Richard Kerridge write about metamorphoses in the animal kingdom, while Ruth Padel offers a sneak preview of her forthcoming book about migration at every level, from the cellular to the societal…”

Editor: Fiona Sampson

Anne Carson, Powerless Structures Fig. 11 (SANNE)
Kathleen Jamie, The Galilean Moons
Douglas Houston, The Balcony, Back Of Van Beuningenstraat
Stanley Moss, Anatomy Lessons, Listening To Water
Carol Rumens, The Pharaoh’s Pyramid Text from Dante’s Purgatorio
Maurice Rutherford, Kinderwelt
Marianne Boruch, First
Toby Martinez de las Rivas, Penitential Psalm
Anne Rouse, High Wall
Selima Hill, Modest Acts Of Extreme Slowness, I Couldn’t Stand The Smell Of The Pinks, My Adoration
John Haynes, That Double Bass
Martin Harrison, White Flowers, April
Neil Powell, Hotel Codan, 1962
Niall Campbell, Kirilov
Tony Williams, A Bouquet For Pauline Viardot
Luis Rosales, What Is Not Remembered
Tim Liardet, Grunt
David Morley, Hassle
Patience Agbabi, Unfinished Business
Anthony Costello, Mutual Attraction
Christopher Middleton, The Gnats
A A Marcoff, land, & the river
Estill Pollock, At The Window, Last Night’s Words, Ashen
David Tait, On Being Trapped Inside A Puddle
Sam Riviere, My Face Saw Her Magazine

The Poetry Society Annual Lecture 2011: C.K. Williams – On Being Old

The Seasonal World
Richard Kerridge, The Season Of The Newts
Ruth Padel, from The Mara Crossing
Fleur Adcock, from Kiss The Winged Joy As It Flies

Mevlut Ceylan, Turkish Poets Of The Balkans

Reputations Recouped
Evans Jones, Anne Wilkinson

Alan Brownjohn reviews Tranströmer, Gorbanevskaya and Schnackenberg
Chloe Stopa-Hunt reviews Burnside and Greenlaw
Steven Matthews reviews Oswald
Carol Rumens reviews Bennet, Collins and Warner
Lachlan Mackinnon reviews Wicks, Duran, Chase, Dugdale, Grovier and Tait
Tracy Ryan reviews Campbell, Lleshanaku and Riley
W.N. Herbert reviews Lynch and Williams
Todd Swift reviews Pato, Caley, Bose, Bentley, Holloway-Smith and Wright
David Morley reviews Nagra, Higgins and Breeze
Leah Fritz reviews Pindar, Potts, Evans, Eaves and Williams
Sarah Wardle reviews Flynn, Black, Quinn, Darcy and Montague

Ruth O’Callaghan, The Big Stage