Mapping the Delta – Volume 102, No 2, Summer 2012, Poetry Review

Mapping the Delta - Poetry Review“Poetry today seems to me more a delta than a single river… we cannot help but be aware of the currents around us… But I know where the less explored areas are and wanted to invite writers to open them up through a sense of shareable enthusiasm, to show us not so much the fascination of the difficult, but the fascination of poetry as a whole: the full delta. Not that this is full, but it is a little more vital territory, which is always wider, more complex and more rewarding than we think.”

George Szirtes, Guest editor


Owen Sheers, from Pink Mist
Jon Stone, Terrifying Angels
Allison Funk, Wonder-rooms
A.B. Jackson, from Natural History
Paul Batchelor, Pit Ponies
Angela Topping, Sparrow
Wendy Videlock, Little By Little
Andrew Pidoux, Working Holiday
Matthew Sweeney, The One-eyed Philosopher Of Katmandu
Helen Ivory, Bluebeard The Chef
Peter Bland, Echoes Of Empire
Lorraine Mariner, Cities
Shazea Quraishi, The Mummy Of Hor
Carolyn Jess-Cooke, Boom!
Susan Wicks, Warning: Screen Will Not Stop Child From Falling Out Of Window
Anja König, Advice For An Only Child
Adam Elgar, Spider Monkeys
Gill Gregory, First Steps
Tara Skurtu, Memory
Anna Woodford, Second Sight
Joe Dresner, c-
Hayley Buckland, Education
Carole Bromley, Ghazal
Philip Gross, Variations On A Theme From The Cornish
Stewart Sanderson, Fios
Martha Kapos, The Private Life Of The Tongue
James Aitchison, A Gap
Philip Knox, Northleach Brasses
Kate Potts, Thirty-three
John Wheway, Out Of Joint
Siriol Troup, Mashrabiyya iii
Vivek Narayanan, In-law Of S.
Elizabeth Barrett, Persimmons
Dan Wyke, The Platform
Richard Lambert, The Maid
Michael Hulse, In The Peloponnese
Rosie Breese, Ascension
Jane Yeh, The Ghosts
Julia Copus, Miss Jenkins
Angela France, Other Tongues
Maurice Riordan, The Navigator
Gillian Allnutt, the shawl
Simon Royall, Putting On My Shirt
Robert Hamberger, Shoelaces
Kate Miller, Again (reprise)
Tim Cockburn, To A Stranger In Company
Christopher Middleton, The Ghosting of Paul Celan
Frank Dullaghan, The Crash
Terese Coe, More
Tom Warner, Wallets
Dan Burt, Homage For A Waterman
Geraldine Monk, Forgiving Mirrors
Anthony Caleshu, If We Had A Map
Fiona Benson, Soundings
Theresa Muñoz, Delete Where Appropriate

Centrefold Mapping the Delta
Poetry Parnassus by Simon Armitage
Poetry In The Prose: Getting To Know The Prose Poem by Carrie Etter
Beyond Dictionaries: Vahni Capildeo And Etymology by Peter Robinson
Aboot The Labour: The Possibilities Of Scots by W.N. Herbert
English Intelligences: R.F. Langley’s Late Poems by Jeremy Noel-Tod
Denise Riley: Writing Our Difficulties by Emily Critchley
Polaroidy: The Revels Of Geraldine Monk by Adam Piette
The Taste Of TEN: Questions Of Propriety by Daljit Nagra

Peter Scupham on Elizabeth Jennings, Clive Wilmer and Keith Chandler
Tara Bergin reviews Astrid Alben, Gregory Woods, Adam Thorpe and Paul Durcan
Alison Brackenbury on J.O. Morgan, Jean McNeil, Carole Bromley and John Mole
Pascale Petit on Jane Hirshfield, Jane Griffiths, Amanda Dalton and Tess Gallagher
David Morley assesses three new anthologies
Alfred Corn reviews Francis Scarfe’s translations of Baudelaire
Hannah Lowe on Anthony Joseph, Isobel Dixon, Tamar Yoseloff and Katy Evans-Bush
Stephanie Norgate reviews Caroline Carver, Stuart Henson, John Gohorry, John Weston and M.R. Peacocke
Peter Finch on Graham Mort, Zoë Brigley and Meirion Jordan
Grahame Davies reviews Gwyneth Lewis’s Clytemnestra

The Geoffrey Dearmer Prize 2012 judged by Moniza Alvi