Offending Frequencies – Volume 102, No 4, Winter 2012

Offending Frequencies - Poetry Review“I came up with the title, ‘Offending Frequencies’, because of its imaginative and interpretive scope. It is the pitch at which sound becomes unbearable – in this context depending on the wave length of the hearer (ie what is tolerated/what is not); hertz = the internalised hurts and the external perpetrators of repeated hurts: war, rape, persecution, corruption, intolerance, exploitation, brutalisation, family, death; it is the compression of intensely felt experience into the sound waves of poetry and the decompression of intense experience through the catharsis of poetry…”

Bernardine Evaristo, Guest editor

The Poetry Review podcast

Listen to the fascinating discussion between Bernardine Evaristo and contributors Edward Doegar, Sophie Mayer, Richard Scott and Warsan Shire, recorded at Keats House, London, on 24 January 2013. Produced by Michael Sims and Michael Umney. Music: ‘Tara’ by Salam (, to coincide with the launch of this issue.



Jacqueline Saphra, Getting into Trouble
Jemma Borg, The lover of Amazonian catfish
Valerie Laws, Keepers
Richard Scott, Trainee Priest at Rochuskapelle
Ahimsa Timoteo Bodhrán, Honig
Richard Scott, Public Toilets in Regent’s Park
Ahimsa Timoteo Bodhrán, How to Make Love to a Dying Rican
Rody Gorman, from Sweeney
Warsan Shire, What We Have
Roger Robinson, Trinidad Gothic
Nabila Jameel, Visiting Time
Suzanne Conway, Sherbet
Ivy Alvarez, L from The Everyday English Dictionary
Katie Hale, Secret
Simon McCormack, Navigating by Hang-ups
Abegail Morley, Summer’s End in Hackney
Katrina Naomi, Step-father graph, Willpower
Dorothea Smartt, Headway
Rody Gorman, from Suibhne
Steve Tasane, Rats In The Attic
Edward Doegar, A Gentile Visits The East Coast
Dorothea Smartt, Reader, I married Him
Sophie Mayer, An Elegy for the Sonnet as Instrument of Torture
Charlotte Ansell, Where they burn books…
Jay Bernard, Whosoever
Tolu Ogunlesi, Only the dead know, @TEXT
Marvin Thompson, Famous
Ishion Hutchinson, A Statue in Utopia
Sonnet L’Abbé, from Sonnet’s Shakespeare: 154 Ecolonizations
Roger Robinson, Brixton Revo 2011
Kayo Chingonyi, from calling a spade a spade
Anthony Joseph, Los Angeles Death Poem
Nick Makoha, The Republic
Jocelyn Page, In case of fire
Caroline Smith, Selection
Mir Mahfuz Ali, A Lizard by my Hospital Bed
Ivy Alvarez, D from The Everyday English Dictionary
Diriye Osman, Watering the Imagination
Hannah Lowe, 1918
Moya Pacey, Port Vila
Yemisi Blake, Elmi Ali & and Jo Brandon, Poetry Portraits
Hannah Lowe, Reggae Story
Edward Doegar, Half-Ghazal
Sophie Mayer, Londinos
Suzi Feay, The Masks
Rowyda Amin, Genius Loci
Nicholas Laughlin, Reading History
Dzifa Benson, Coitus, Refracted
Sophie Clarke, Internet Dating
Matthew Gregory, A Room in Taiwan, 2010
Brigid Rose, The World is Made of Paper
Ishion Hutchinson, Home Sea


Geraldine Clarkson, Flotsam


Do Women Poets Write Differently To Men? by Pascale Petit
Indian Poetry: An Experimental Continuity by Ranjit Hoskote
Queer Poetry By Definition by Cherry Smyth
Walking Naked by Nii Ayikwei Parkes


Kwame Dawes on Out of Bounds and The Harper Collins Book of English Poetry
Saradha Soobrayen on The Parley Tree and Bones Will Crow
Michael Horovitz on The World Record
Karen McCarthy Woolf on Tishani Doshi, James Lasdun and Seni Seneviratne
Alison Brackenbury on Helen Dunmore, Nina Bogin, Chrissie Gittins and Cherry Smyth
David Morley on Sean Borodale, Richard Meier, Colm Keegan and Sam Riviere
Rob A. Mackenzie on Valerie Laws, Omar Sabbagh, Todd Swift and Ghassan Zaqtan
Sarah Wardle on Julia Copus, Beverley Bie Brahic, Gerry McGrath and David Herd