Poetry And – Volume 103, No 2, Summer 2013

Poetry and Poetry Review“This issue is about connections (between poetry and politics, fiction, translation, photography, technology, history…), and includes a spread of languages, places, genres, cultures, poetic practices and critical perspectives. At the same time, I hope to suggest that what gave the debates in the poetry culture of the seventies, eighties and nineties their bite and their urgency was exactly that sense of connectedness: that by talking about poetry you were also talking about other things, and that by talking about other things you might feel your way (back) to talking about poetry. ”

– Patrick McGuinness, Guest Editor

The Poetry Review podcast

Our Guest Editor Patrick McGuinness and contributor Sam Willetts explore what poetry stands for and whether it should stand for anything anyway, Sam considers the authenticity and legitimacy of poetry and how craft, for him at least, helps validate what he does. He also gives a brilliant reading of poem, ‘The Bemusement Arcade’.


Antonella Anedda, from Nights of Western Peace
Tara Bergin, In Memory of My Lack of Feelings
John Redmond, Alexandra Four
Nancy Gaffield, Flow
Gabriel Levin, Across the Narrows
William Wootten, The Wasp Hole, Salamander
David Wheatley, Crossbill, ROYGBIV, A Shrike, Unpacking a Library
Ange Mlinko Seasonal Disorder, Argon
Jennie Feldman, Extra
Valeria Ferraro Ruth, A Blaze becomes Fire
Gregory Leadbetter, Clairvoyance
Jean Sprackland, The Birds of the Air
A.E. Stallings, The Last Carousel, Aftermath: Battle of Plataea (Out of Herodotus)
Sam Willetts, Caravaggio, Stone, The Bemusement Arcade
Peter Cole, Notes from an Essay on the Uncanny, Summer Syntax
Helen Tookey, Fosse Way, Der Tod in Venedig
Antony Dunn, National Park
Richard Gwyn, Cities and Memories, On the Journey
Maurice Riordan, The Larkin Hour
C.K. Stead, Sapphics
Richie McCaffery, Step-father
Dore Kiesselbach, Frozen Planet
Dan O’Brien, The War Reporter Paul Watson Lost His Camera
John Clegg, Donald Davie in Nashville
Claire Crowther, The Apology, Coincidence of Bodies
Mario Petrucci, Who Can Say
Carolyn Jess-Cooke, Clay
Julith Jedamus, The Cup
Stefan Hertmans, from It gives us nothing
D. Nurkse, Do You Remember How This Meeting Began?
Volker Braun, De Via Beata, Here’s to the Good Times!, The Centre
Rodney Pybus, Flumen, Northumbria, The Cricket Jumper, Kit and Me
Helen Farish, A Rough Guide to Vienna
Kathryn Simmonds, The Hem
Kiwao Nomura, Déjà Vu Avenue
Yoshimasu G?z?, ??Fire To Adonis — I dedicate the greatest poem of Sagiy? H?shi’s life
Dai George, Referendum on Living

Sasha Dugdale on poetry translation
K.J. Orr on crossing boundaries: poetry and the short story
Sandeep Parmar on British women Modernist poets
Gilles Ortlieb on poetry and the peculiarity of train travel
Daisy Fried on the suspension of distaste
Gwyneth Lewis on R.S. Thomas at the centenary of his birth

Image essay
Jimmy Symonds, Words of the Century

Charles Mundye on Edward Dorn
Maria Johnston on Ferry, Ashbery and Seidel
Helena Nelson on Pybus, Brackenbury, Maris and Robertson
Chloe Stopa-Hunt on Trethewey, Pang, Evans and Lowe
Rob A. MacKenzie on Wallace-Crabbe, Morre and Andrews
Zoë Skoulding on Herbert, Jarvis and Olsen

Geoffrey Dearmer Prize 2012: Kayo Chingonyi

Cover image: ‘Fountainsides’ by Alisha Piercy. © The artist.