Poetry News – Winter 2011

Poetry News Winter 11Roger McGough – a President to please… Katy Evans Bush talks to the Poetry Society’s new President; Poetry Hero: Katherine Gallagher on Australian poet Gwen Harwood; On the block – James Brookes and Tamar Yoseloff tackle writers’ block; Alternative Mysteries: Popescu Prize winner Judith Wilkinson on translating Toon Tellegen; On retreat: Liz Berry, Julia Bird, Meryl Pugh, Dave Bryant describe their experiences; Unplugged forever – Niall O’Sullivan on 15 years of the Poetry Society’s open mic night.

 Plus… “Like a freedom flag unfurled” – poems round the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree; Julia Webb, Stanza Competition winner; Living handshakes across time: Roy Davies on a lifetime of collecting literary manuscripts. Members’ poems on the theme of ‘Games’, selected by Lorraine Mariner.

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