Poetry News – Winter 2019

There’s a focus on the environment in the Winter 2019 issue of Poetry News in which Jacqueline Saphra reports on the launch of Poets for the Planet and its campaign for collective action by poets against climate change, the Poet Laureate Simon Armitage’s launch of the Laurel Prize for a collection of poetry focused on nature and the environment, and Pascale Petit’s paean to John Keats’s two-hundred-year-old ‘Ode to a Nightingale’, and the connection it makes between the natural world and our emotional and intellectual engagement with it.

Paul Farley writes about the success of the Places of Poetry project, while Judy Brown reports on the common ground she discovered between maths and poetry on a recent Exeter University residency. Penny Boxall, the 2019 Stanza Competition winner, muses on the opportunities for poetry between fact and fable, and Jonathan Edwards, judge of our members’ poems competition on the theme of ‘The Zoo’, lauds members’ free-ranging imaginations.

We also update readers on the ever-expanding Poetry by Heart scheme and, in our Young Poetry News section, this year’s Trafalgar Tree poem project, Look North More Often, and our wonderful Corsellis Prize-winning poem. We’ve news of Stanza groups’ activities across the UK and beyond, plus our members’ successes, news  of festivals, events, podcasts, appearances, significant appointments and opportunities occurring around the country and the world.