Poetry Review Volume 100, No 1, Spring 2010

Our Disappearing World - Poetry ReviewOur Disappearing World: “Poetry speaks as it finds, and what it finds is, in many cases, an acute awareness of the world around us – in all its disappearing complexity.”

Chris Wallace-Crabbe, Up At A Villa and That Which Is
Glyn Maxwell, Calendar
Maitreyabandhu, Homecoming
Roger Moulson, The Sea At Balbec
John Kinsella, What I Saw Off Cheynes Beach
Neil Rollinson from Talking Dead
Jane Hirshfield, Red Wine Is Fined By Adding Broken Eggshells and The Dark Hour
Sam Willetts, Starlings
John Stammers, Like A Heatwave Burning
Susan Wicks, Sorry
James Midgley, Phineas survives…
James Harpur, The Angels And The Harvesters
Lynn Foote, January
John Greening, Agny
David Morley, Spinning
Anthony Thwaite, Ancestors
Toon Tellegen, My father fished for answers…
David Grubb, Kansas
Sarah Wardle, Keeping Going
Sheenagh Pugh, Trondheim: January
Stephen Knight, Thank You For Having Me
Chris Kinsey from Appointments With Hades
Kim Moore, The Wolf
Leah Fritz, Whatever Sends The Music Into Time
A.J. Stubbs, Oedipus
Judith Kazantzis, Mrs Blake’s Poem
Arthur Boyars, In Memoriam David Drew
Adam Thorpe, JÄÄÄÄR

Terry Jones, Bee
David Briggs, In The Senior Common Room
Gregory Warren Wilson, At That Impressionable Age
Paul Henry, Ring

Now And Then
Ben Wilkinson, Now And Then
Liz Berry, In The Steam Room
Alex McRae, In St Paul’s Cathedral With My Father
Tamar Yoseloff, Where You Are
Tom Gilliver, from Apocalypso
Daniel Weissbort, Adam
Anne Stevenson, Now and After Words

John Siddique on Mexican poets Coral Bracho, Rocío González, Araceli Mancilla Zayas and Natalia Toledo
Ruth O’Callaghan interviews Denmark’s leading poet Pia Tafdrup
Alison Brackenbury on the influence of John Clare
Jason Rotstein encounters Icelandic poetry

National Poetry Competition 2009
Helen Dunmore, The Malarkey (First Prize)
Ian Pindar, Mrs Beltinska In The Bath (Second Prize)
John Stammers, Mr Punch In Soho (Third Prize)

Steven Matthews on John Burnside and Ciaran Carson
Douglas Houston on Bernardine Evaristo, Thomas McCarthy, Alan Brownjohn, Arto Vaun
Tara Bergin on John Ashbery, Mahmoud Darwish, Toby Martinez de las Rivas, Brian Henry
Adam Thorpe on Mary Oliver, Dorothy Molloy, John Glenday, Fiona Benson
Sarah Wardle on Caroline Bird, Alice Kavounas, Imtiaz Dharker, Philip Gross, Grace Nichols
Sarah Crown on postmodernity
Alan Brownjohn on Aldeburgh’s senior poet
Alison Brackenbury on E.A. Markham, Robert Conquest, Jon Glover, Larissa Miller
David Morley on Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin, Janet Sutherland, Frances Presley, Thomas Clark
André Naffis on Walthamstow’s Misty Poet
Jacqueline Gabbitas on some recent pamphlets

Dan Burt and Paul Hodgson, from Cold Eye
James Byrne, Letter from New York
Glyn Maxwell awards the Geoffrey Dearmer Prize to Maitreyabandhu Maitreyabandhu, Visitation