The Furthest Reach – Volume 101, No 3, Autumn 2011, Poetry Review

The Furthest Reach, Poetry Review“In the face of mob rule, poetry’s rugged individualism seems especially important. It offers its alternative, a kind of focused integrity – the understanding that we do not need to be totalizing, or totalitarian, but write all the more tellingly when we acknowledge our own particularity…”

Editor: Fiona Sampson

A Poem For Ai Weiwei
Yang Lian, A Sunflower’s Seeds’s Lines Of Negation

John Burnside, Alcools
Lizzi Thistlethwayte, I Will Break
Anne Stevenson, How Astonishing –
Hugo Williams, Tempera, Love Poem, Early Morning, Hotel, One Summer
Sean Borodale, Lyrigraph For The Upper Mells Stream (Damp Night)
John Mole, After Rain
Alan Brownjohn, Purchase
I. Galleymore, Turn Of Phrase
Ahren Warner, Hello London, IX. Between, XVIII. Before

The Furthest Reach
Seni Seneviratne, False Bay, Cape Town
Gerard Smyth, A Long Story
Maria Jastrzebska, The Major, Ealing 1959
Alyson Hallett, Finding Something Important In Istanbul
Eugene Dubnov, All My Russia
Kevin Crossley-Holland, Hammershøi
John Fuller, Cross-bones
Emily Berry, Bad New Government
Robert Saxton, The Roof Of The World
Malika Booker, Sue Speaks To Me In The Swan Room
Siriol Troup, Via Flaminia
Antony Dunn, Torch Song
Judith Kazantzis, What We Did In The Holidays
Olivia Byard, The Absent Thing (Good Friday at Pateley Bridge)
Kit Fan, Janus
Terry Jones, Trinities
Glyn Maxwell, Come To Where I’m From

Fanny Howe, In Prism
Maitreyabandhu, The Further Reach
Gwyneth Lewis, Poetry As Technology
ko ko thett & James Byrne, Bones Will Crow: A Selection Of Contemporary Burmese Poetry

Steven Matthews on Geoffrey Hill and Derek Mahon
Chloe Stopa-Hunt reviews Sean O’Brien
Adam Thorpe on Jaan Kaplinski and Michael Longley
Kim Moore reviews Ruth Fainlight
Lavinia Singer on Bernard O’Donoghue and Mary Oliver
David Morley on Jovanovic, Crowther and Kennelly
Tim Liardet on Warner, Ford, Lumsden and Pollard
Dai George on Berkeley, Crucefix, Nurske, Rudolf and Siddique
Tara Bergin on Lewis and Satyamurti
Molly Peacock reviews Liardet, Deane and Luther
Harriet Tarlo on Brading and Presley, Rich, Robertson and Williams
Sarah Wardle reviews debutants
Angel Dahouk on not giving up the day-job