The New Political Poetry – Volume 101, No 2, Summer 2011, Poetry Review

untitled“Everyone who has read John Agard or Jackie Kay, Grace Nichols or Carol Ann Duffy will be aware that contemporary British poetry explores questions of identity, authority and social rights. These questions are unmistakably political. In 2011 poets are continuing these explorations, though sometimes, perhaps, using less declarative forms…”

Editor: Fiona Sampson

Mimi Khalvati, The Blanket; The Swarm
Jamie McKendrick, Azurite
Lan Lan, Only…; Concerning Scenery
Denise Saul, Leaving Abyssinia
Tim Liardet, Deleted Scene (The Jug)
Rachidi Madani, from Tales Of A Severed Head
Duncan Stewart Muir, La Santa, Lanzarote
Claire Crowther, Requisition At Abinger; Psalm
Alan Stubbs, a philosophical provocation
Guillevic, A Nail
Maitreyabandhu, Pine Branch; This
Philip Gross, from Something Like The Sea
Caroline Clark, What Is The Word –
Dejan Bogojevi?, Salvador Dali
Michael Murphy, Turf
Ben Wilkinson, Open Return
Daljit Nagra, The Thirteen O’Clock News
Omar Sabbagh, In The Beginning
Adam Thorpe, The Swimming Pool

Where Is The New Political Poetry?
John Burnside, “Dear Hart Crane”
David Harsent, Three Poems For The World Wildlife Fund
John Kinsella, Paradise Lust: Damage Report
Ian McMillan, Letter To The Man I Passed On The Street Today
Gwyneth Lewis, Letter To John Milton; from Our Sister’s Bones
Aviva Dautch, A Letter To Emily Dickinson; True Voice
Ruth Padel, Wetbacks; Ghost Ship
Jamie McKendrick, Letter To Pasolini
Omar Sabbagh, A Letter From A Poet To His Unconscious
Sarah Wardle, “Dear Family”
Sarah Maguire, Mohan Rana, Reza Mohammadi; Euphrase Kezilahabi
Ian Duhig, Will There Also Be Singing..?; from Skew Bridge Sonnets
Knut Ødegård, “The Honourable Writer Knut Hamsun”
Maureen Duffy, “To Madame Benn at her lodging in New Street”
Neil Rollinson, “Dear Bysshe”

Sean O’Brien on David Harsent
English Language Writing By Indian Poets

Carol Rumens on Ian Duhig and Iain Crichton Smith
Steven Matthews on August Kleinzahler, Glyn Maxwell and Michael McClure
Alan Brownjohn on Wendy Cope and Rita Ann Higgins
W.N. Herbert on Robert Hass and C.K. Williams
Evan Jones on Allen, Kazantzis & Morreau, McDonald and Saxton
Leah Fritz on four debutants
Nisha Obano on travellers’ tales
Dai George on Henry, Sail, Fyfe, MacRae and Guest
Alison Brackenbury on translated poetry