The Poetry of Place – Volume 102, No 1, Spring 2012, Poetry Review

untitled“Place” isn’t just elsewhere, of course. It can also be here. While this issue is joyously international, it also celebrates British poets “going local”. And some of the most exciting writing in this issue comes from places which aren’t far away as the plane flies, but whose traditions are far indeed from Anglo-Saxon poetry. Doesn’t so much richness and colour just make you want to book a summer holiday – at home or abroad?

Fiona Sampson, Editor


Robin Robertson, Falconer’s Farewell, A Visit, Fugitive In London
Ghassan Zaqtan, Neighbouring Sounds, Not Yet, The Bird Follows Me
Fady Joudah, Textu Poems
Claire Crowther, Ad Astra
A.J. Stubbs, the slight curved feather
Tomaž Šalamun, Great-great-grandfathers, I stood on ice…
Valerie Wohlfeld, My Hair, My Heart
Marilyn Hacker, Sapphics In Winter

Porte Ouverte on the Francophonie
Vénus Khoury-Ghata, Four Poems

Anthony Thwaite, i.m. Peter Reading
Jeri Onitskansky, There Is No Elsewhere
Anne Stevenson, Demeter And Her Daughter
John Greening, American Music
Catherine Smith, The Lip Stitcher
Kim Moore, Those Things We Did
Christopher Reid, The Coin, The Cry
Yang Lian, Questions About The Demon Taotie
C.K. Stead, The Afterlife, Of Course
Ian Pindar, Sweetness, some cloudlessness, some shapes…
Sarah Wardle, Chinese Calligraphy
John Greening, Field
Vona Groarke, How To Read A Building
Ben Wilkinson, The Nightmare
Sarah Corbett, An English Walk
Sharon Morris, Chorus
Menna Elfyn, Arian Sychion / Filthy Lucre
Casimiro de Brito, from The Art Of Dying Well
Emma Harding, What We Don’t Admit To
Kathryn Simmonds, Experience
Diane Fahey, Respite Weekend
Martha Sprackland, The Swimming Pool
John Siddique, Perspective
Karen McCarthy Woolf, Portrait Of A Small Bird On A Tree Of Twelve Metres

Sean O’Brien, ‘As Deep As England’
Socrates Kabouropoulos, ‘Contemporary Greek Poets’
Omar Sabbagh, ‘Texts With And Without Context: Youth Poetry In Beirut’
Yehuda Amichai, ‘The Jewish Time Bomb’

The National Poetry Competition
Allison McVety (First Prize), To The Lighthouse
Samantha Wynne-Rhydderch (Second Prize), Ponting
Zaffar Kunial (Third Prize), Hill Speak

Ruth Fainlight on Carol Ann Duffy
Ahren Warner reviews Simon Armitage’s The Death of King Arthur
Ben Wilkinson on Kinsella and Donnelly
David Morley on art-inspired poetry by Simic, Crawford and Munden
Hilary Davies on collected poems by Crossley-Holland and Lotte Kramer
Alan Brownjohn on new translations by Mahon and Ní Chuilleanáin
Steven Matthews reviews Khalvati and Moss
Alex Runchman on Supervielle, Boruch, McMillan, Rothenberg and Jones
Douglas Houston on Sam-La Rose, Brown and Atkinson
Sarah Wardle reviews collected works by Lochhead, Berry and Reid
Erik Martiny on Redgrove’s Collected Poems and a new biography
Rachel Redford on Greig, Gross, Scupham, Caleshu and Kinsey
Jem Poster reviews Maitreyabandhu, Morgan, Turner and Dawes