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“The unmanned drone versus the body vest: we live in a century where martial inequality is evident more than ever in superior technology. Whether in the rubble of Gaza or the broader ruins of Islamic countries, the gross disparities between cultures are masked by debased language and ideological constructs that serve to render meaningless the deaths of terrorists, along with their womenfolk and children. The poetry of ‘pity’ can have no truck with this. It is the work of the imagination to find the adequate words – and so shape in Yeats’s phrase, when responding to the comparatively small-scale brutalities of the Irish Civil War, ‘befitting emblems of adversity’.”

from Maurice Riordan’s Editorial

The Poetry Review podcast


Amy Key, Delphine is on Silent RetreatStem of Wallflower / Hair of Doormat
Helen Farish, Six Hen Pheasants in My Garden…Tea-time at My Aunt’sPancake DayMoon x 6
Helen Mort, ScaleThe Fear
Julia Copus, Lacan Admires His Figurines
Antony Dunn, Left
Michelle O’Sullivan, Interiors
Rosie Shepperd, ChorinhoMirror, Signal, Manoeuvre. Mirror, Signal
David Hart, He wroteGoing Home
Kathleen Jamie, Fianuis

The Interview

Kathleen Jamie in conversation with Colette Bryce


Omphalos: Julia Copus and Bill Manhire
Simon Barraclough on taking the Berryman cure


Ian Duhig, The Rûm DistrictRiddle  Read Ian on his poems in ‘Behind the Poem’
Matthew Sweeney, The Rock; The Insurance Agent; Green Sky; The Loop
Oliver Comins, 18:42 to StratfordSteam Iron
G.C. Waldrep, the ladder
D.A. Powell, Moment of TruthDanger of ImprovisationAgreed on the Basics
Mary Peelen, String TheoryAwake
Padraig Regan, Apples, Cherries, Apricots & Other Fruits…
Marianne Burton, Either / Or
Kim Moore, The World’s Smallest ManHow the Stones Fell
Patricia McCarthy, Hiroshima
Daisy Behagg, Four Essays on the Body  Read Daisy on her poems in ‘Behind the Poem’


Tiffany Atkinson on Louise Glück and Michael Longley
John McAuliffe reviews Simon Armitage
Gregory Leadbetter reviews David Harsent and John Hartley Williams
Katherine Angel reviews Colette Bryce and Liz Berry
Judy Brown reviews Mimi Khalvati and Roddy Lumsden
Julian Stannard reviews Karen McCarthy Woolf and Jemma Borg
Katy Evans-Bush reviews a crop of new pamphlets
Aime Williams on Nick Lantz, Mark Wunderlich and W.S. Merwin
David Wheatley reviews David Gascoyne’s New Collected Poems
Patrick Crotty on the Centenary Edition of Dylan Thomas

Letter From New York: Jason Schneiderman