The Poet’s Progress – Volume 100, No 4, Winter 2010, Poetry Review

The Poet's Progress, Poetry Review“Welcome to ‘The Poet’s Progress’, with diverse responses to that question: How do you write your poems? Bernardine Evaristo portrays a ‘portfolio’ profession, in which literary skills are brought to bear at the writing desk but in advocacy, reading and performance too. ‘Centrefold’ reveals that hers is not an isolated example of the poet’s mind as a moveable desk…”

Editor: Fiona Sampson

This issue also celebrates contemporary Galician poetry with a special supplement edited and translated by Jonathan Dunne and published with the generous support of the Xunta de Galicia (see top right). View pdf here (54 page document).

John Burnside, Wind Turbines, Altamont Pass; Insomnia In Southern Illinois
Mimi Khalvati, Night Sounds
David Harsent, Night
Sean O’Brien, Novembrists
Jacob Polley, Last Night; Gloves
George Szirtes, Allotments
Wendy Cope, Macedonia 1987; At Stafford Services
Penelope Shuttle, The Seventh Year
Jackie Kay, The Returning
Karen McCarthy Woolf, Wing
Fred Voss, Christ And Buddha And Shelley And Gang Bullet Stew
David H.W. Grubb, Taking The Dead Horse Down
A.J. Stubbs, unknown
Douglas Houston, Remembering
Maureen Duffy, Figurine
Eve Grubin, A Boat Of Letters
Giles Goodland, Bees
Myra Schneider, Silence
Peter Abbs, Under The Heat Wave
Joseph Woods, Letting The Cat Out Of The Bag
Kim Moore, Tuesday At Weatherspoons
Philip Gross, Thirty Feet Under
Wayne Burrows, Taiga Blues ’69
Nicholas Liu, Someone I Know Wrote About A Painted Gondola
Ciarán O’Rourke, Building The Book Of Hours

The Poet’s Progress
Philip Cowell, On Not Looking Up
Bernardine Evaristo, The Month Of September
Alan Brownjohn, Traveller Alone
Sean Borodale, Bee Journal
Patricia McCarthy, Agenda: The Editor’s Journal
John Siddique, Every Atom
Don Paterson, The Domain Of The Poem

Reviews etc
Gwyneth Lewis on Paul Muldoon
Ruth Fainlight on poets and artists
Douglas Houston on Alan Jenkins, Greg Delanty and Tim Liardet
Tara Bergin on John Kinsella’s Divine Comedy
Jane Holland on Annie Freud, Alan Brownjohn and Anthony Thwaite
Alfred Corn on R.V. Bailey and U.A. Fanthorpe
Alan Brownjohn on the Ten project
Stephen Romer on the letters of T.S. Eliot