Vol 109, No 2, Summer 2019

The idea that a poem might contain space for an echo, or for some kind of response, isn’t dependent on its architecture. In his review of Don Mee Choi’s translation of Kim Hyesoon’s Autobiography of Death, Jay G. Ying draws our attention to an “in-between medium”: “the white space between two lines of black ink, not quite alive nor fully dead”, a space which, despite its liminality, is fertile with voices. Several poems in this issue allude to a similar space, a meeting-point between a notional “I” and “you”, such as the exchange in Fred D’Aguiar’s ‘I Dream JB Says to Me’ – “I dream JB says to me, Perfect the art of walking backwards / In the open as you explain geography to an oncoming crowd”, Hugh Smith’s ‘poem’, which imagines a poem as “a sort of handshake, an assertion of the possibility of a handshake”, or Mary Ruefle’s ‘Special Delivery’, which tells of “the brown bird / who writes me a letter / each morning / from someone I have not / heard from in years.”

from Emily Berry’s Editorial


Allis Hamilton, Whence
Mary Ruefle, The Butter Festival, Special Delivery, Errand, A Morning Person Read Kathryn Maris’s In Front of the Poem piece on Mary Ruefle’s ‘A Morning Person’
Amjad Nasser / Fady Joudah, Biography of a Caged Tiger
Seán Hewitt, Callery Pear, Vestige, Epithalamium  
Joey Connolly, For Such a Widely Used Material, Glass Sure Does Have Some Downsides, Where We’ve Got To Don’t miss Joey’s Behind the poem article on ‘Glass’ linked here
Jen Hadfield, Nudibranch, Notice
Beth Davyson, despite the recent rain
Vedran Husić, Untitled, Hypnos
Khairani Barokka, Horizon, perimeter blues
Suji Kwock Kim, Notes from Utopia, Inc., Searchlight, Snowlight
Hugh Smith, One vegan future (good/bad), ‘Relentlessly botanical’, ‘poem’
Kathryn Simmonds, On a theme by Augustine, Unequal Love
Glyn Maxwell, Biography, The Shudder
Fred D’Aguiar, Claudia Jones, I Dream JB Says to Me
Ian Humphreys, Slim
Terence John, Hunger Mountain


Paintings of poets by Claire Eastgate


The girl in the show: Natalya Anderson
The politics of delivery (against poet-voice) by Holly Pester
At home or nowhere: Vidyan Ravinthiran on A.K. Ramanujan


Jay G. Ying on Kim Hyesoon’s Autobiography of Death  Enjoy Jay’s pick of poems on his Poetry Mixtape
Edwina Attlee reviews Heather Phillipson and Jane Yeh
Ellen Cranitch on Julia Copus, Rebecca Goss and Niall Campbell
George Szirtes on Marilyn Hacker and Ben Borek
Declan Ryan reviews Isabel Galleymore, Hai-Dang Phan and Fatimah Asghar
Bidisha on Ian Humphreys, Joe Dunthorne and Rebecca Tamás
Andrew McMillan on Philip Hancock and Martin Hayes
Jennifer Lee Tsai reviews Patricia Smith and Rachel Tzvia Back
Dzifa Benson on Inua Ellams and Ilya Kaminsky

The Geoffrey Dearmer Prize 2018

Paul Farley introduces our winner Mary Jean Chan