Vol 109, No 3, Autumn 2019

‘Ferns waved in the breeze – such an innocent beginning.’ I’m thinking about beginnings and endings, like this from Alyson Hallett’s poem [in this issue], which ends with its beginning. Are endings always mixed up with beginnings? In this issue’s poems, I find a propensity for digging. We dig holes in order to plant things; we dig holes in order to bury things.

from Emily Berry’s Editorial


Alyson Hallett, Variables
Mark Waldron, Contingency, To Dig
Valzhyna Mort, Nocturne for a Moving Train
Paul McMahon, The Cure for the Mote in the Eye, Absolution
Romalyn Ante, re-learning, Group Portrait at the StopoverRead Romalyn’s Behind the Poem article
Alex Barr, Notes for ‘The Bean of Beans’
Jenny Xie, Misconjugate, Far Too Much, Territories Unmapped
Stanley Moss, Wandering
David Sergeant, from Common Sonnets
Tehila Hakimi, trans. Rachel & Adam Seelig, Sacred and Profane, Give Me One Day
Colette Bryce, Death of an Actress, Slander
Brian Kim Stefans, Your Book
Julian Stannard, Turkey Blues
Melissa Lee-Houghton, Haint Blue
Hannah Lowe, Dazzling Blue
Scott McKendry, Wall Street, At the Convention
Tim Liardet, An Impostor Syndrome Bot Replies to Jehovah, A Future Bot’s Lacrimosa
Greta Stoddart, Adult Education
Rory Waterman, Like Father
Joyelle McSweeney, from Arachne
James Byrne, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh
Rachael Boast, Winter Rose, Ariel Head of the River


So Mayer: Margaret Tait’s disappearing trick
Nuar Alsadir: The map of four kisses


An Iraqi poet in London: Jeremy Noel-Tod on Fawzi Karim


Rebecca Goss on grief and disclosure


Jenna Clake on Patrizia Cavalli and Mary Ruefle
Kit Fan on a new translation of The Song of Kiêu
Bidisha on debut collections by Jay Bernard and Mary Jean Chan
Rachael Allen reviews Charles Simic’s translations of Vasko Popa
Declan Ryan on Karen Solie’s The Caiplie Caves
Rory Waterman reviews David Cain and David Clarke
Will Harris reviews Anthony Anaxagorou and Vidyan Ravinthiran
Jennifer Wong reviews five recent pamphlets
Carol Rumens on a new edition of David Jones’s In Parenthesis
Jay G. Ying on translations of Lieke Marsman and Norman Erikson Pasaribu