Vol 110, No 4, Winter 2020

I don’t know if it’s appropriate or inappropriate to conclude a year dominated by a zoonotic disease with an issue full of animal poems. But I’ve learned this about myself: I would rather read a poem about a pheasant or a stick insect than SARS-CoV-2, though a virus is a life form too. Anyway, what is an animal poem doing, if not reckoning with mortality and strangeness?

from Emily Berry’s Editorial


Aleš Šteger / Brian Henry, Pines, In front of the border, Between this
Petra White, Mother on Men, Nightly, Daily
Jason Allen-Paisant, Fallen Beech, On the First Day of Autumn, Roots
Elisabeth Sharp McKetta, Her Animal, Lobster Hour
Stella N’Djoku / Julia Anastasia Pelosi-Thorpe, from Comet
Selima Hill, Standing on His Doorstep, The Beautiful Man Whose Name I Can’t Pronounce, A Happy-looking Man, Jelly, Bucket, What Kind of a Woman Am I?, Chickens, You Either Love a Person or You Don’t, My Horse-hoof Soup, Berries, The Tank
Kate Potts, Past Tense
Dean Browne, My Last Consultation, Barmbrack
Mark Waldron, Puppetry, Bacon and Egg
Maurice Riordan, The Beach Poem, The Surly Boy
Jinjia Li / Jiaoyang Li and Kate Costello, from Icarus’ Labyrinth
L.K. Holt, Desolate Tranquillity
Helen Tookey, Cypress
Becky Varley-Winter, Stick Insects
Mina Gorji, All winter long, The millipede is walking –
Graham Mort, Diggers, Cock Pheasant Read Graham Mort on ‘Behind the poem’
Helen Grant, The Whole Life
Meredi Ortega, Roadhouse, Imprint, Bumblebee
Patrick James Errington, Spooky Action at a Distance
Rushika Wick, Hair, 3 a.m.
Philip Hancock, Calculation, Above it all, Nylons
Emily Bludworth de Barrios, The mother should be as stunning, With pleasure the young men
Anthony Anaxagorou, Futurist Primer
Phillip B. Williams, The Flying African, Herald
Dean Rader, Meditation on Apophasis


Margaret Atwood interviewed by Elaine Feeney Read Elaine Feeney’s Poetry mixtape


Dylan Thomas: Three Encounters by Andre Bagoo
Charles Whalley on Maggie Hannan’s Liar, Jones; or, On Stopping Poetry


Carol Rumens on Selected Poetry and Prose by Charlotte Mew
Alexa Winik on Jeffrey Angles’ translation of Itō Hiromi
Maya C. Popa on collections by Eavan Boland and Michael Longley
Bidisha on Anne Stevenson and Andrew Motion
Oliver Dixon reviews Timothy Donnelly and Deborah Landau
Kate Simpson reviews Daisy Lafarge and Ella Frears
Sarah-Jean Zubair reviews Kate Miller and Gregory Leadbetter
Zakia Carpenter-Hall reviews Grace Nichols, Vicki Feaver and Nii Ayikwei Parkes
Joanna Lee reviews Inua Ellams and Wayne Holloway-Smith

Cover: Anna Jensen