Vol 111, No 1, Spring 2021

The persistence of poetry is the belief that one day the spell will be broken, as in Geraldine Clarkson’s ‘Everything you told me came untrue,’ an anti-spell for a series of malign prophecies withstood by the speaker: “the old domestic curse, / that I would never write, / that words would fail to join: / the black source like treacle, stuck, // trickles freer with each poem that comes, / Mother.” We repeat our themes, because as Tarn MacArthur writes in ‘The Lord of the Isles’, “This time tomorrow might be different.”

from Emily Berry’s Editorial


Jamie McKendrick, Nugget, St Jerome in Self-isolation, Close enough
Geraldine Clarkson, Everything you told me came untrue, Pastoral Moment
Tarn MacArthur, The Bone Trowel, The Bone Caves, The Lord of the Isles Read Tarn’s Behind the Poem article
Paula Bohince, The Skunk Read Paula’s Behind the Poem article
Mary Jean Chan, Calling Home
Amlanjyoti Goswami, Bus routes of childhood, Swing Quartet
Stephanie Sy-Quia, from Amnion
Angela Cleland, I’m in Costa with the other new mums again, I’m in Costa with the other new mums again, I’m in Costa with the other new mums again
Natalie Crick, Pearls for Little Girls
Hannah Regel, The Deer Hunter
Will Stone, Opportunists of Genocide, Black Hole
Dominic Leonard, The Going, Eclogue
Hagiwara Sakutarō / Jae Kim, Grave, Leaping Over the Earth, Fox, Tongueless Truth
Samatar Elmi, The Snails
Vona Groarke, Linkage, Quarantine
Ishion Hutchinson, Les Murray’s Bucket Hat, A Litany in Time of Plague,
Mohammad S. Razai, Between the Latin graces, Hazaristan
Beverley Bie Brahic, Stylebook, Vanity, A Dream Catcher
Marianne Boruch, I Could Redact Most Parts of Me So Memory
Kit Buchan, Kind of morning
Helen Farish, Encounter, Woman with Red Bra, Muse
Tarik Dobbs, the true american wishes to be well-liked at the ford river rouge plant, the true american will enjoy man’s best friend
Gail McConnell, from The Sun is Open
Richie McCaffery, Sawdust, Sermon

The National Poetry Competition 2020 winners: Marvin Thompson, Iain Twiddy and Jack Nicholls 

The Poetry Society Annual Lecture Series

Face – Face – Face: A Poet Under the Spell of Loss by Valzhyna Mort


Erkut Tokman talks to Alice Notley


Silence, Sound, Ceremony: Jason Allen-Paisant on m nourbeSe philip


Karen McCarthy Woolf on Rowan Ricardo Phillips and Valzhyna Mort
John Greening reviews Christopher Reid and Heidi Williamson
Kit Fan on Shane McCrae and J.O. Morgan
Chris Moss reviews Apocalypse: An Anthology
Ben Wilkinson on Glyn Maxwell and Alan Gillis
Kathryn Maris reviews Caroline Bergvall and James Womack
Bidisha on Martha Sprackland, Romalyn Ante and Will Harris
Stephen Wilson on Anthony Burgess’s Collected Poems
Dzifa Benson reviews eight new pamphlets

Cover artwork by Kate Dehler