Vol 111, No 2, Summer 2021

In ‘An Ear for Poetry’, published in Poetry in 2015, Julian B. Gewirtz and Rachel R. Kolb discuss the limitations of clichéd metaphors of the senses and remind readers that language can offer us so much more: “Becoming more inclusive in our metaphors and our vocabulary for talking about poetry does not mean stripping away the richness and texture of our critical vocabulary. Rather, it points to the possibilities of expanding it.” Oliver Sacks wrote in his book Seeing Voices: A Journey into the World of the Deaf (1989): “It is all too easy to take language, one’s own language, for granted – one may need to encounter another language, or rather another mode of language, in order to be astonished, to be pushed into wonder again.” To become the fortune teller, to see the song, we need to remake language every time.

from Emily Berry’s Editorial


Mary Ruefle, Lament, Conflict, My Life as a Scholar, Empathy of Cod
Luke Allan, Horoscope, Marseille, Storage King
Romeo Oriogun, From Darkness into Light, On the Road to Paradise, Offerings
Isabel Galleymore, Little Fly, Because
Kristiina Ehin / Ilmar Lehtpere, The Women of My Kin
Amy Crutchfield, Helens of Troy
Tom Sleigh, What I Can Say in 2021 About a Famine in 2011, Clearance
Richard Scott, from That Broke Into Shining Crystals
G.C. Waldrep, Effigy Mounds National Monument
Camille Ralphs, from My Word
Maya Caspari, Mixed Other
Amaan Hyder, In terms of cottaging, self-portrait with family
Julian Stannard, Better Now Or Better Now Or Better Never?
Abeer Ameer, Intimate Knowledge
Ellora Sutton, Self-portrait as Autopsy
Ruth McIlroy, Jealousy, Lament for Seathan
Christopher DeWeese, Greek Myths
Paul Muldoon, The Rain
Vicki Feaver, The Kingfisher, The Woman Who Lost Words
Steph Ellen Feeney, Hanging out the laundry
Anita Pati, Mr Octopus for preemies
Alison Winch, The dolphins are dolphins
Yomi Sode, On Fatherhood: Teaching My Child to Whistle
Claudine Toutoungi, Conversation in Leamington
Chris Greenhalgh, And She Was, In My One Recurring Dream
Ben Wilkinson, Poetry

The Poetry Society Annual Lecture Series

My Gwendolyn Brooks: Terrance Hayes


Lynn Davidson: Whistling on a Little Gourd


Dzifa Benson on Louise Glück’s latest essay collection
Carol Rumens reviews Jen Hadfield and Michael Symmons Roberts
Maya C. Popa on Gillian Clarke’s translation of The Gododdin
Chris Cusack on Ciaran Carson and Derek Mahon
Alycia Pirmohamed reviews Rebecca Perry and Kayo Chingonyi
Kit Fan reviews Tishani Doshi and Andrew McMillan
Joanna Lee on Holly Pester and Rushika Wick
Kate Simpson on Julian Stannard and Luke Kennard

The Geoffrey Dearmer Prize 2020

Patricia Smith introduces winner Dean Browne

Cover artwork by Kate Dehler