Volume 103, No 3, Autumn 2013

1044 TPR cover NEW SIZE_Layout 1“Where are we now – a century on from the portents of 1913? Are the poems that will retune the ear and rearrange our imaginative space being folded into envelopes? Or are we still mopping up after the great modernist upheaval – held perhaps in a deceptive lull? It’s anyone’s guess. But the first vibrations of a new era will be felt in a publication such as this. ”

from Maurice Riordan’s Editorial

The Poetry Review podcast

Maurice asks Colette about her childhood in Derry, during the 1970s when it was at the centre of the Troubles, and how it has proved a touchstone for her work. They touch on several of her poems – ‘Break’, ‘Form’ and ‘The Full Indian Rope Trick’ – and how these describe family life, the presence of the military on the streets of Derry, emigration from Ireland and the hunger strikes. Colette reads her poem ‘Helicopters’, first published in the autumn issue of the Review.



Matthew Dickman, Xanax, Apartment Poem, Long Division Listen to audio
Hugo Williams, Notes from Dialysis
Sarah Wardle, Single, Freeman, Full English
John Hartley Williams, In Quarmby, Star of the Sea
Emma Harding, A Coining
Colette Bryce, Mammy Dozes, Helicopters
Matthew Sweeney, The Gare du Nord, San Francisco
Eve Grubin, The Great Oven Debate
Michael Longley, Ashes, The Feet
Ruby Robinson, Undress, Interlude, Hope, My Mother
Bernard O’Donoghue, At the Funeral in Oxford of Darky Finn, Out of Sync
Kate Potts, from The Blown Definitions
Jay Rogoff, The Daughter, The Window
Billy Ramsell, Code
Sean Hewitt, Floating on Lake Windermere in a Stolen Boat
Leontia Flynn, Alzheimer’s Villanelle, Gerard Manley Hopkins
Mary Noonan, Hail, Holy Queen
Julian Stannard, Napoli
Luke Morgan, Literature
Dennis Casling, Wash, O God, our Sons and Daughters
Kathryn Simmonds, Elegy for the Living, Apocryphal, In the Woods


Omphalos: Colette Bryce and Ian Duhig
Face to Face: Michael Longley interviewed by Patrick Crotty
Oh Say Can You See: G.C. Waldrep surveys contemporary US poetry
An Invisible Procession: Richard Gwyn on C.P. Cavafy
A.E. Stallings, Letter from Athens
A tribute to Seamus Heaney


Jack Underwood on Glyn Maxwell and Matthew Sweeney
Carol Rumens on Henry Shukman, Heather Phillipson and Nick Laird
John McAuliffe on Peter McDonald and Sean O’Brien
Karen McCarthy Woolf on a new anthology of African American poetry
Lucasta Miller on C.D. Wright
Julian Stannard on Stephanie Norgate, Conor O’Callaghan and Chris Beckett
Lavinia Singer on Greg Delanty and Pauline Stainer
William Wootten on George Szirtes and Michael Symmons Roberts
Andrea Holland on Caleb Klaces, Kona Macphee and Nadine Brummer
Sophie Collins on translations of Toon Tellegen and Hélène Dorion
Beverley Bie Brahic on a new translation of Stéphane Mallarmé

Cover image Hayley Potter MA RCA.