Volume 104, No 2, Summer 2014

1044 TPR cover NEW SIZE_Layout 1“Poems that last have the capacity to be refreshed with each reader. They thrive in the hours of solitude and surrender, in those encounters when the ‘house was quiet and the world was calm’. Such victories keep the tradition of poetry alive and require a mysterious blend of vision and craft.”

from Maurice Riordan’s Editorial

The Poetry Review podcast


Philip Gross, The Players; Ways to Play; On Poetic Form: A Short Essay Look behind the poem
Susan Utting, The Journal
Edward Barker, Drop
Sarah Howe, Stray Dogs; Sirens; Banderole Look behind the poem
Alan Gillis, The Scattering; River Mouth
Michael Laskey, Weighing the Present; Together
John F. Deane, Ark of the Covenant; The Ruined Meadow
Carrie Etter, Song a Year After My Mother’s Death; Overheard in Chicago
Simon Armitage, Camera Obscura; Kitchen Window


Omphalos: Simon Armitage and Gwyneth Lewis
Conor O’Callaghan on Geoffrey Hill’s collected poems
Gwyneth Lewis on the scandal of Dylan Thomas
Images from Peter Blake’s Under Milk Wood


Jodie Hollander, Splitting and Fucking
Fiona Moore, Numberless; City from a hill, through open windows
Seán Hewitt, I Sit and Eavesdrop the Trees; Slitten Brook; Woods in the Cold Light of Morning
Harry Clifton, The gig with the golden microphone
Mike Barlow, I explain to my long-dead father how poetry is less authentic than dreaming
Colette Bryce, Re-entering the Egg; Positions Prior to the Arrival of the Military; Magic Eye
Jacob Polley, Nightlines; Jack O’Lantern; Swimmer

Poems inspired by Germany Divided
Michael Hofmann, Baselitz and his Generation Listen to the poet read
Kathryn Maris, The House with Only an Attic and a Basement Listen to the poet read
Sam Riviere, (untitled) Listen to the poet read

The Geoffrey Dearmer Prize 2013
John Glenday introduces our winner Mir Mahfuz Ali


William Wootten on Paul Farley and Harry Clifton
Aingeal Clare reviews John Burnside and Hugo Williams
Julia Bird on Tiffany Atkinson, Thomas A. Clark and Vona Groarke
Julian Stannard reviews Kathryn Simmonds and Kevin Powers
Katherine Angel on Rory Waterman, Selima Hill and Amy Key
Sandeep Parmar reviews Jen Hadfield and Lavinia Greenlaw
Patrick Mackie on the poems of Rowan Williams
Sophie Collins on Emile Verhaeren and Valérie Rouzeau
David Wheatley on John Ashbery’s translations


Joey Connolly on the culture of prizegiving
Sam Riviere’s Belfast diary
Letter from Nicaragua: Jane McKie and Jonathan Davidson

Cover image Shout / Dutch Uncle.