Volume 105, No 4, Winter 2015

The Poetry Review 105:4 Winter 2015No doubt many poems have their source in lived experience and as such are autobiographical. But that connection should be understood as umbilical. A poem is nourished by the emotional experience of the poet but, in so far as it succeeds, it is freed from the circumstance and contingency of the life. Even so-called confessional poetry, when it is poetry, enters the autonomous realm of fiction, where we can access it as readers without asking if it’s true.

from Maurice Riordan’s Editorial


Jamie McKendrick, Back to Black, The Altar, Translating Yves Bonnefoy, Very Fine Fake
Frank Ormsby, Grandfather’s Week, The Woodpile, Crows Again, Outside the Walls
Caroline Price, Poison 
Philip Hancock, Hadge’s Encyclopedia
Andrew Sant, Gravity, Weight
Fran Lock, On weekends, The Travesties
Moniza Alvi, Less, much less, The Empty Nest, A Soft White Feather Lying on the Grass
Deryn Rees-Jones, I.M.
Alfred Corn, Conventual   
Helen Farish, The Bus to Oualidia, Twelfth Night: or, What You Will
Seán Hewitt, Härskogen, Häcksjön
Emily Berry, Winter, Aqua, Flowers

The Interview

C.K. Williams in conversation with Ahren Warner   


Disappearing the Ferrari: Sam Riviere on American poets Eric Amling, Monica McClure and Jon Leon    
The Poetry Society Annual Lecture 2015 by Rita Dove  


Claire Harman on Stevie Smith’s Collected Poems and Drawings 
Aingeal Clare reviews Les Murray and Kathleen Jamie   
Kate Bingham on Philip Gross and Don Paterson 
Gregory Leadbetter reviews Matthew Sweeney and Eamon Grennan
Andrew Neilson on A.B. Jackson, Neil Rollinson and Sarah Corbett 
Sarah Howe reviews A.K. Blakemore and Medbh McGuckian 
John McAuliffe on Kim Addonizio and Tony Hoagland  
Will Stone on Jan Owen’s translation of Baudelaire  
Jane Feaver on Jonathan Bate’s life of Ted Hughes