Writing Home – Volume 100, No 3, Autumn 2010 Poetry Review

Writing Home - Poetry Review“The theme of National Poetry Day is ‘Home’, and PR too is Writing Home. Elaine Feinstein describes an English intellectual bohemia, largely lost. She offers a surprising link between Black Mountaineer Charles Olson and hieratic English lyricist J.H.Prynne, revealing how schools of writing develop and intersect. And Ian Duhig, Charles Tomlinson and Amjad Nasser explore the home within…”

Editor: Fiona Sampson

George Szirtes from Postcards
Tracy Ryan, Pictures, As Promised
Ian Duhig, Jericho Shandy
Gillian Allnutt, The Quiet Parisian and in her kitchen
Christopher Middleton, The Touch Of Autumn Before Evensong
Sarah Maguire, The Combustible Yalis Of The Late Ottoman Empire
Frances Presley, birch
Amjad Nasser from The Edges Of Day
Aviva Dautch, Jonah’s Prayer
Miles Burrows Companion To Leopardi
Iztok Osojnik, Mister Today
Matthew Hedley, Beetle
Maitreyabandhu, Umbrian Summer
Kei Mille, Some Definitions For Light (I)
Thomas Rosenlöcher, The Snowflake Carousel
Molly Peacock, Our Dictator and The Massage
John F. Deane, Black And White
Omar Sabbagh, The Streets Shouting ‘It’s Not Your Poem’, And Other Circus Acts
Anthony Thwaite, For Peter Porter
Habib Tengour, from First Apparition: Illustrious Stellar ABC
Julia Copus, This Silence Between Us
Tom Gilliver, I.
Vladislav Khodasevich, The Dactyls
Janet Sutherland, Small Clouds
Roger McGough, Nice Try
Leah Fritz, Privilege
Tom Lowenstein, from The Bridge Of Dreams – Uji
Olivia Byard, Mappa Mundi
A.A. Marcoff, river of morning
Tom Yates, The Concubine Smiles
Ruth O’Callaghan, Filament
Jacques Rancourt, The Stars In The Firmament

John Burnside, Dreaming A Buffalo
John Kinsella, The Movements Of Yellow-Rumped Thornbills: Twittering Machines
Les Murray, Infinite Anthology: Adventures In Lexiconia
Elaine Feinstein, Portugal Place, Cambridge, 1959

Stephen Matthews on Seamus Heaney and Derek Walcott
W.N. Herbert on Anne Carson, Allison Funk and Louise Glück
Carol Rumens on Fleur Adcock and Elaine Feinstein
David Morley on Simon Armitage and John Stammers
Sarah Crown on poets’ debuts
Alex Pryce on Grace Nichols and Pascale Petit
Jane Holland offers a mid-career roundup
Vidyan Ravinthiran on Roy Fisher, Edwin Morgan and Tom Raworth
Kit Fan on poetry of place
Aviva Dautch on poetry from North America
Charlotte Newman rounds up some translations