Do you have some general guidelines towards getting published?

It is important to know that you are not alone. Thousands of people write poetry and a high percentage of those people want to be published. Although not completely unheard of, it is very rare for a poet to be published who has not already had single poems published in accredited poetry magazines or some success in reputable competitions.

It is equally important to know that publishing companies devote a tiny percentage of their total budget to poetry and small presses receive more poetry than they know what to do with. Bookshops, in turn, do not stock vast numbers of poetry books from mainstream publishers and very, very few from small presses. The reason for this is that sales of poetry books, Heaney apart, are tiny.

Writing is a solitary pursuit. It is not always easy for you or your friends and family to be objective about your writing. So it is very important that as a writer of poetry you are also a reader of poetry. You can always request specific books from your local library. Many people find it useful to attend workshops.

Should you want more in-depth information, reading lists, workshop contacts, etc. then you may want to join the Poetry Society.