Yappo! New exhibition opens at The Poetry Café

'Crow's flight' by Iro Tsavala, from Yappo, 2017.
‘Crow’s flight’ by Iro Tsavala, from Yappo, 2017.

The new Poetry Café exhibition, “YAPPO,” SAID THE MAN, presents Iro Tsavala’s earthy, timeless images from the book Yappo, Iro’s collaboration with poet and playwright Henry Martin. In the exhibition, her monoprints, inspired by the Scottish Highlands, are shown alongside new prints and objects. “YAPPO,” SAID THE MAN, which opened on 23 October and continues until 1 December 2017, is the latest in the Café’s lively programme of exhibitions inspired by poetry and literature. A number of  exhibitions have toured to other venues, resulted in publications or have been shortlisted for the prestigious Ted Hughes Award for New Work in Poetry. We collaborate regularly with up-and-coming artists, including most recently students from Middlesex University.